2017 Summer July 7 Friday

77 degrees this morning, no walk

Taking a short vacation today, which is always nice.

A big difference in “vacations” from work now and in my previous jobs. I really don’t have to check e-mail or voice mails and am not expected to.

However, the old habits die hard, and while I’m not obsessed with it, I still manage to check my e-mail and voice mails on a regular basis even when I am on vacation.

I always think it also involves a desire to know what is going on and to keep up all aspects of my life, even when on vacation, which I feel is healthy!

Just saw a quote “Don’t spend time beating on a wall trying to make it into a door”. I think it is a good thought, if you can recognize when there is no door! Probably one of the keys to success is recognizing when it is a wall and not a door, or maybe knowing when there is a door and what kind of door it is!

Self-awareness and “denial” are two traits that are interesting. I think self-awareness is essential, but, like knowing there is a door and not just a wall, you have to be reasonably correct in your self-awareness!

Like anything, self awareness is difficult to know if you are right or not!

Denial seems to be relatively common. I don’t think denial is necessarily bad, but I think it is a reason for a lot of problems when problems aren’t faced. On the other hand, I think some denial can be good, since it leads to extensive paranoia!

Finished listening to the audiobook “Desert Solitaire” yesterday morning, just as I walked into the door finishing my walk.

It is strange how often it happens that I finish listening to my audio book right as I finish a walk or right before I end it. A lot better than finishing it right as I start my walk!

It was quite a book, one of those books again that I wonder where it was all my life! I especially enjoyed the variety of the the different chapters. I’m not sure which were “fictional” and which were actually factual.

I recently got a number of books from the Library that I had read about, some old ones that I hadn’t had time to read.

“Dark Money” is one of them, the book about how some of the big companies actually got their huge fortunes and why they are spending billions to try to extort politicians to do their bidding and how destructive this is.

It is really scary to think that a couple of extremist wealthy nuts in Wichita or Las Vegas or Houston or wherever have more influence on politicians than millions of voters who the politicians are supposed to represent!

Others are books I read colleges are requiring for college students. I thought it would be interesting to at least know what the upcoming generation is reading!

That’s it for now, Friday, July 7, 2017.


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