2017 Summer July 9 Sunday

60/72 degrees this morning

Experienced a “live” performance of a play yesterday, something I haven’t done for awhile.

Definitely enjoyed it and hope live plays will not be a victim of technology. To some degree of course, they are already a victim of technology, but at last they still survive.

Actually for a Saturday afternoon performance it was well attended. I don’t know if it was “sold out”, but it was very well attended, although it was a small venue.

Something I don’t believe I have ever experienced before was the seats were literally right next to the stage, we were literally a foot from the “action” so to speak. It seems like it would have been tough on the players, but they were obviously used to it.

The crowd was obviously experienced in attending live performances, I didn’t hear one cell phone go off. At times I would look at the crowd and they were all attentively watching the action.

Most, if not all, of the players were professionals who are full-time. The area actually has two venues and probably six plays going on at the same time. Each player appeared to be in two or three plays at the same time.

It was interesting and I am glad to see that there is actually a facility for persons who wish to do that professionally can develop, it helps both playwrights, players and directors, as well as the associated support professions.

In all honestly, we don’t support it probably as well as we should, and probably are not even aware of a lot that goes on in that area.

The theatre we attended actually has a long history, it started in 1933 as a “barter” theatre, you had to bring enough fruit, vegetables or even live animals to equal .35. It was a time when a lot of people had crops but no cash, and the players didn’t have any cash or food, but are willing to perform, so apparently it worked out well.

They only take cash (or credit cards) now though. It is amazing the number of well-known players, directors and playwrights who have some connection to this venue.

On another subject, I have always thought the influence of your environment in your life was interesting I have read that people who grew up around mountains get a little stressed in areas with no mountains (such as a flat area), and people who grow up in flat areas feel hemmed in by mountains etc.

Trees may also be a major influence. I know when I first moved to the Memphis area, the trees imposed kind of a dream like quality. It wasn’t stressful, and I don’t know that it was either positive or negative, it was just different. Of course, the significant reduction in wind was definitely a positive!

After living in the area for 13 years, I had to get used to living with a different type of tree when we moved, trees that had a lot less impact on the environment (shorter, not as full, and of course not near as many).

While I liked the trees, I also like the wide open spaces, especially the sunrises and sunsets you can see where there are wide open spaces.

I can’t say I like one or the other, I guess I am just happy that we have choices and that even if we live in one area, with no trees or mountains, we can always visit an area with trees and mountains and vice versa!

Again, time seems to fly. July of 2017 is almost a third over. I guess being aware of the fast passage of time is good if it prods me into starting/completing some long term projects! Or at least, it gets me thinking about setting priorities for projects!

That’s it for now, Sunday, July 9, 2017.


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