2017 Summer July 10 Monday

60/75 degrees this morning, no walk

A light panic swept over me as I realized I as in an area with “no service” (no internet or phone service) yesterday. Hardy a reason for panic, but was definitely somewhat stressful.

Of course, the internet has long been one of the essentials of daily life, and like electricity and water, you really notice it when it isn’t there.

When you don’t have internet service you suddenly get visions of car problems, getting sick, whatever. Although people really do stop when they see someone with a car problem etc., you tend to think that they will say “oh well, they will have a cell phone”.

Back when I had to have 24 hour access to my job, it was really stressful to be without an internet connection, but at least I don’t have to worry about that part anymore.

While I don’t ask, it has been a long time since I met anyone (any adult anyway and most children over 10 years old) who doesn’t have a cell phone of some sort, and it is very few who don’t have a smart phone. I assume more people have cell phones than cars, places to live etc. That includes most homeless people, who probably need it the most.

Perhaps that is why “social media” is so powerful, almost every adult and most children over ten years of age (it may be more like 13) have a “smart phone” with 24 hour access to the internet and all it entails.

I am actually surprised when I am even a sparsely settled area where there is no internet service. Anymore you really tend to assume that internet service is either there or going to be there.

Also, you tend to assume that access (wifi) will be “free” and you won’t have to pay any kind of price for it. Probably is why people get so upset when airlines, hotels etc. gouge you for wifi fees, it is simply supposed to be free!

Sometimes I really wonder how long the “Advertiser supported” model can exist or at least exist without destroying the experience of whatever it is that is ad supported, whether it is sports, the internet, wifi or whatever.

Everything seems to be “free” but there are a finite number of businesses who advertise. Obviously I don’t know the answer to this, but when I see the intrusion of ads everywhere, it seems he actually experience is being destroyed and there should be a better system.

Saw a “live” jam session yesterday, and like the “live” play, I hope this is something that doesn’t disappear. It is enjoyable to actually be there and experience the “live” performance and somewhat interact with the performers.

I am just glad people are willing to do that. It is hard to attend “live” events when you are busy and used to “time shifting” TV programs, or streaming them at any time you desire, but I think it is well worth it.

That’s it for now, Monday, July 10, 2017.


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