2017 Summer July 11 Tuesday

62/79 degrees this morning.

End of “vacation” today, it has been a wonderful vacation. A lot of activity and visiting, which is what vacations are about.

Flying on an airplane tends to provide an illusion (for a while) that you haven’t really traveled all that far. You don’t have the gradual unfolding of the distance traveled you have by car.

As I noted recently, I had called the cable tv/internet company (Cox) to install a better Wi fi system. The representative advised me there wouldn’t be in a installation charge. I advised her that I was told that every time and then some huge charge appears on my bill. Or, the charge is double what I was advised it wold be. Happens literally every time.

The representative assured me it wouldn’t happen, that she would double check etc.

Of course there was a huge fee on my cable bill. In addition, the wi fi doesn’t work as well as it did before and the printer still doesn’t work as it should.

I have to wonder about a company that flat lies about it’s charges. I don’t really think it is an accident, I have to feel it is either gross incompetence or deliberate company policy just hoping the customer is too tired to call about it.

It seems there should be some kind of action that could be taken.

Of course, overhanging everything right now is the corruption, criminal activities, the policy of lying and perverted gross personal attacks by a juvenile, lying bully criminal so called president. What is really worse, is the enablement by his “staff” the the GOP Senators and Representatives of this criminal and juvenile behavior. They seem to be accepting it to get what they want which seems to be to enrich the rich on the backs of the low and moderate income.

The influence of the extreme billionaire nuts is really scary. Recently there was a story that the city I live in, some billionaire right wing nut is making the stations run slanted opinion “news” which is basically flat lies and their personal opinion.

Of course, they are tying to control the state legislature she they can enrich themselves with self serving state laws.

What is worse, many of the State governments are basically one-party states that are trying to intimidate voters, and who are basically tools of big corporations and billionaire nuts who will actually run campaigns against elected officials who try to do their job and take care of the people.

It is really scary to think that two billionaires can viciously attack an elected official with lies etc and basically just destroy them because they don’t do their bidding, even when they are acting in the best interest of their constituents.

I can’t believe that this will continue.

Other than voting, I am looking at what I can do about it. I have the same problem everyone does, limited time and also limited opportunities to actually influence anything. On the other hand, I don’t want to just rant and whine about it without doing anything.

That’s it for now, Monday, July 11, 2017.


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