2017 Summer July 12 Wednesday

80 degrees (“feels like 83 degrees) this morning, walk 34:36 minutes

Nice walk this morning, since still dark the heat actually felt good. Wind has come up since my walk.

Pace was 10 seconds below my goal, surprising since I haven’t walked since last Thursday (at least on my usual walk), but I have found frequently it is the second day where the lay-off hits you.

Of course, sometimes you take a break and suddenly come back to a significant improvement. I believe there is an actual reason for that, sudden improvements after a layoff in both physical and mental performance.

Forgot to charge up my walking phone/audiobook player, so I listed to music this morning on my “original iPod”. Still works fine, has the original battery. I believe from papers I recently found I purchased it in 2006. I need to find those papers again and file them! They were the original purchase receipt so it documents exactly when I bought it.

While I feel like my time is better spent listening to books while walking, I enjoyed listening to the music. I’m not even sure if I can put any music on the iPod anymore, but what I have it enjoyable to visit occasionally.

A Joan Boaz song was relevant “I met a man wounded by love, then I met a man wounded by hatred”.

A reminder that I shouldn’t allow anyone to control my mind, especially be hatred or dislike. As I recently mentioned, I need to quit ranting (unless it is productive to change things in some way) and start taking action and “resist” and hopefully change things.

“Reentry” time today, back to work after a short vacation. Had a wonderful vacation, couldn’t have asked for a better time.

Several State elected officials were “flipped” yesterday so hopefully there is hope. The Party that is destroying the state with their neglect and kow towing to and shoveling tax money to the big companies and the wealthy lost two seats.

At least four (and believe five) of the “ruling party” had to recently resign either due to sexual or financial misconduct. I think the toady lobbyists etc. get them to thinking they are entitled to anything and are above the law.

They recently released the lobbyists “gifts” (read bribes) to State elected officials and it is staggering, it is almost like the lobbyists elected them instead of the people. Why an elected official feel like they are entitled to this is beyond me.

i believe the “example” at the national level is certainly especially bad, given the corruption, lying, and flat criminal activity at the national level.

Anyway, I need to get involved, what little I can do to change the current system is better than ranting about ti and doing nothing, since I don’t think ranting really helps anything, other than maybe making me feel better for a short time.

Called about the cable tv “mistaken charge” where I was advised that the installation would be free and then was charged $130. After being basically called a liar, they did credit my account (I think, I need to check yet). I advised him next time I wasn’t going to request anything without a confirmation e-mail, which I probably won’t get either.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, July 12, 2017.


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