2017 Summer July 13 Thursday

79 degrees this morning, walk 34:19 minutes

Accidentally on “indoor cycle” mode on my watch this morning, so no Pace times etc. Thought when I started something was wrong, but ….

Understand the next upgrade of the iWatch will be upon us soon. I am happy with what I have and expect to keep it for the foreseeable future, really no reason to upgrade, it does everything I want it to.

Watching for the next upgrade of the 12″ iPod Pro. Building up my “cashback” credit card dollars for it!

Reentry into the routine of work and daily life yesterday. I always feel a little trepidation, but within minutes I am back into the routine again without a thought. Amazing how adaptable we are.

Really did have a wonderful vacation, one of those you remember with pleasure.

Had to laugh about the lying bully saying he was “going to be angry” if congress didn’t pass a medical insurance bill. The image of him stomping his tiny feet and pottying in his diapers if he didn’t get his way is the way a two year old would act. He doesn’t care what it is, just anything so he can claim some kind of pyrrhic victory. What a waste.

Listening to a ‘Great Course” on the Industrial Revolution. This book also has a PDF file of the main points, so I can review them before and after I listen so I can grasp and remember the material better.

One comment he made was that (not an exact quote by any means) “the rich realized to remain rich they had to make sure the “common persons” also made money so they could buy their products. In a way I guess it was a win win situation.

Of course, now this has changed to the billionaire nuts trying to get all the money and also control our thinking and actions. Maybe they need to look at history and see what happens when the ordinary person doesn’t share somewhat in the prosperity.

Some extremist nut now owns two major tv stations in the City and are sending slanted news that they “must run”. Hopefully it will backfire on them. It seems since they are using the airwaves free they should be required to run counter opinions.

What is really scary is the way the lying bully and the enabling GOP kow towers are allowing the industries and companies to write their own “regulations”, of course which will only lead to more deaths, injuries and suffering (financially, socially and otherwise) due to lack of regulation and high costs as they “write” regulations to allow them to do what they want and shaft their customers and enrich themselves.

I expect to see many more deaths from chemical poisoning, overpriced drugs, industrial accidents and transportation accidents as regulations allow companies to cut corners to “make the quarter” so they can get rich off of stock options. Criminal.

The career criminal pruitt, who basically works for the energy and chemical companies he is supposed to regulate and the education Secretary who has gross conflicts of interest and is intent on destroying public education so she and her buddies can rip off the eduction system is only the tip of the ice berg.

Anyway, i feel extremes of any kind are eventually counterbalanced, unfortunately usually to extremes on the other side.

Another Field Day today. I actually enjoy the hot weather, the hot mornings (which really isn’t that hot without the sun) are especially nice.

That’s it for now, Thursday, July 13, 2017.


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