2017 Summer July 14 Friday

73 degrees this morning (82 “actual”) walk 34:51 minutes

Walk this morning, the air was “heavy”, I assume high humidity. Pace was 3 seconds slower than my goal. Based on my times, I think I can set the goal a little higher, but I really have no idea of how fast I am actually walking, at least for the entire walk.

I did notice the day I listened to music rather than a book, I easily beat my goal!

I can remember when I walked at 4:00 p.m. or so in whatever the temperature was, frequently 100 degrees and above. I’m not sure if I could walk in the sun at that temperature now, at least and keep up the pace.

I am not complaining about the heat, I love it. Even during the day, I really don’t mind it and actually enjoy it, whatever the temperature. Doesn’t mean I don’t like air conditioning, I do!

Noticing more and more the effects on retail of the current bring habits of people. It seems to effect restaurants etc., as well as retail. Seems to affect the smaller chains right now, and of course the individual businesses.

I feel for the business persons who are caught in this cycle. I realize change is inevitable, but it doesn’t mean it is good for everyone by any means.

Perhaps one of the underlying problems of this trend is it eliminates one means of advancement for persons of any background. Retail, restaurants etc. is extremely hard work, but it is a means for someone with ambition to advance themselves rather than the “work for someone else, save your money, retire, die”. type scenario. (Nothing wrong with that if that is what you want, but there should be options.)

Of course, inherent in risk is the chance of failure as well as the chance that the “wheel of fortune” will stop in your slot or anywhere close.

Also, it is affecting a profession of many people who work in retail. The jobs are suddenly disappearing as businesses close or change their business model.

The “delivery to home” business kind of surprises me. Who really wants delivery of a meal you have to prepare and cook yourself? Of course, I have never seen much use for delivery (or pick up for that matter) of a fully prepared meal you normally would eat in a restaurant. (excluding fast food, coffee etc.).

Recently a “delivery service” for Walmart opened here. I can understand that, as a a time saving matter. Not sure that I would be interested in it for all the time although it would be nice for those times when you need something but just don’t have time to go get it. I’m not quite sure how a business model that is based on this will thrive.

The trend now appears to be a “gig economy” where persons basically contract for short periods of time to provide a service. Maybe this is the “new retail” where people can start their own business and get out of the “job rut’.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with the “job rut”, but I think there needs to be an option for people who don’t want to work for someone else. Many people (including me) have always basically worked at jobs and didn’t really want anything else. (other than a better job and better pay!).

Friday and July is almost half over. July 15 is the date I entered the Air Force many years ago and July 13 is the day I got out. I actually didn’t even think about it this year until the middle of the day on July 13. I got out on July 13, since July 15 was on a Sunday. I think if I stayed in until Monday, it would make me over 4 years and increased my accrued vacation pay etc. Maybe not, just a theory in my mind. I was glad to be out 2 days early. I threw everything i the car and drove from Virginia via Washington DC etc. to Wakeeney, Kansas where my parents lived. From there I drove to Wichita and enrolled at Wichita State University and my life began.

That’s it for now, Friday, July 14, 2017.


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