2017 Summer July 15 2017

2017 Summer July 15 Saturday

80 degrees this morning, no walk (helping someone move)

80 degrees this morning, but even that is relatively cool in the dark. A slight breeze actually has a cool edge to it.

Sitting on the patio thinking of the first day I went into the Air Force. I remember the first few days actually seemed like a movie, with everyone playing their assigned roles.

Perhaps we did model out behavior off the movies and my feeling had a reason for it.

The feeling didn’t persist throughout the time I was in the Air Force, but did throughout basic training.

That was actually four years that didn’t move very fast, in fact it seemed to take forever!

I think part of it was I thought it was basically four years of delay in my life, although I did use it to develop in some areas.

I think there are a lot of jobs that make you feel like you are “treading water”.

I think part of that is whether you feel like you are living in the present or the future. If you see everything as preparing for the future, (as I did for years), it can be frustrating to always be thinking about where you would want to be rather than enjoying the satisfaction of where you are.

Obviously I think there is a lot of value in considering how to progress, and certainly an emphasis on improving yourself is good up to a point.

I think the point when it becomes a problem is when you quit living in the present and your actions are only pointed to the future. Like anything, you need a balance in life, including enjoying the present while preparing yourself for the future.

Maybe that is one problem with retirement is that when you are always oriented towards the future and haven’t learned to enjoy the present, it is difficult to not have a goal. I actually think retirement can have lots of goals, but that is just my “running thoughts” this morning.

Actually, one reason I like this journal so much is I never know what is really going to come out until it does.

I always consider July 15 to be about the midpoint of Summer, the midpoint between June and September, although summer weather actually continues considerably longer than September.

On the national scene again, I have to wonder (or rather watch in despair and disgust.) as the lying bully actually uses his political office to try to promote his golf course, attending some golf tournament which someone unfortunately decided to hold at one of his golf courses.

Him attending is almost criminal in nature, obviously an attempt at self-promotion and using public funds to promote his personal business like he does with all of his businesses but this is especially appalling.

That’s it for now, Saturday, July 15, 2017.


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