2017 Summer July 17 Monday

78 degrees this morning (feels like 80), walk 35:41 minutes

Walk was ok this morning, pace was 27 seconds slower than my goal, which is kind of puzzling.

Considering this is 27 seconds per mile (not for the entire walk) that is relatively slow. Or perhaps very slow.

On the other hand, at least I am walking and getting some exercise even if it is a slow pace.

Sitting out on the patio, another enjoyable morning. There is still a relative coolness in the air as sun waits to rise.

By the way yesterday morning I was getting the “plug this computer in before it dies” message right as I completed my last actions on the journal.

Read some more articles about video gams and how they are affecting some people. Apparently some people get their feelings of achievement from video games and maybe no where else, so they concentrate on video games.

Personally, I think anything that prevents you from recognizing and seeing reality can be bad, like anything, balance is important.

Listening to the book on the Industrial Revolution, it seems that the trend to “better quality, more production and lower cost was the hallmarks of “technology” even back in he 1600 and 1700’s, when the new procedures for making textiles were developed.

There also was the tension between workers who saw their jobs disappear who protested the new technology and eventually new types of jobs developed.

As mentioned in the book, he new jobs may not have bene quite as “good” as the previous jobs, although the workers had more money.

Problems included:

-Working conditions. In the old jobs, workers had time to chat etc in the new job all activity was closely monitored.

Also, the noise of many of the machines was deafening .

-Hours: Workers were accustomed to working during the daylight, so many had a problem coming the work in the dark in winter etc., many simply refused to come in until daylight etc.

-More use of woman and children, especially children who were expected to climb into machines while they were still running (a child’s small hands could get into tight places on the machine etc. as well as being paid less)

He also went into a fascinating discussion of ship building in the era of 1600 to 1800. A ship could take ten years to make, using 100 acres of forest. Shipbuilding required a lot of workers.

He mentioned that frequently the wood on the ship would rot out before the ship was even finished! On top of that, most ships only lasted 12-16 years, so to took almost as long to make as it lasted!

Start of another week. First part of the week at least it will be busy.

That’s it or now Monday July 17, 2017.


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