2017 Summer July 19 Wednesday

81 degrees this morning (feels like 85 degrees,) walk 34:42 minutes.

Probably about as hot as it ever has been when I walked (in the early morning), but it still was a relatively cool walk. Doesn’t mean I don’t drink about 3 bottles of water before I write this and my shirt I walk in isn’t drenched with sweat (to be blunt about it), but it is still a very pleasant walk.

Pace was 12 seconds faster than my goal, which is good. I still can’t figure out why my pace isn’t more consistent, or maybe a range of almost a minute a mile at times is consistent in the overall scheme of the type of walking I do.

It measures a lot of other things, like my heart beat, elevation gain, total calories, distance, “active calories”

One thing I didn’t know until this morning is that it (my iWatch) totals the hours of activities each month, which is interesting. In this case, it totals the “workouts”, and also the total calories burned, the average time per day of each workout and the average calories burned. Interesting, but I’m not sure how useful the information is, except it does indicate the pattern of workouts.

Thinking this morning again about the influence of the “smart phone” on society. I know there are a lot of products that had significant impact on society and people’s lives, including automobiles, the telephone, TV etc., but I really believe the smart phone has had more of influence on the average person than almost any other product.

Thinking about it, anyway, anyplace (well, if you can get a signal!), you can call or text anyone, write an e-mail, look up any information you want, send your location to someone, take a picture etc.

I even look for my phone before I go out and pick up the paper in the morning. You just don’t go anywhere without your phone.

Of course, if you don’t have your phone, or are in an area of no service, you feel this moderate underlying sense of uneasiness. At least I do, and I think the feeling is commonplace.

Listening to the book on the Industrial Revolution, it is really fascinating to learn about the development of steel et. and I am amazed at how technological advanced even the early 1600’s were.

Use of steam engines etc. were actually fairly widespread etc., which kind of surprised me.

Sitting on my patio in the dark cool of an early Summer morning, I can see the crept myrtle flowers (we have four in our yard, I can see three). They really are a sign that summer is here and it is time to enjoy it before it fades into winter.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, July 19, 2017.


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