2017 Summer July 23 Sunday

71/81 degrees this morning.

Rain, lightning during night. Big drop in temperatures from 104 degrees or so yesterday! I now the wind was high last night and a lot of lightning, but I don’t believe there was any hail etc.

I look for any indication of what the city was like when I graduated from Wichita State University many years ago, but other than the imposing grain elevators, don’t see anything that brings back any specific memories.

Roads have shifted and structures that were “new” back when I was in graduate school are now “old” or even demolished.

Of course, I haven’t gone by the college campus and probably really don’t intend to visit anyplace. I expect things have changed a lot, maybe sometime we’ll take a trip here and look around when we have time, although I don’t really have any big desire to see that changes.

Not that I don’t think I’d like the changes, based on what I have read, I admire Wichita State University for the progressive advancements in the campus and the student experience.

Quite frankly, when I read about some of the destructive behavior of many of the “leaders” in Kansas, I simply have no desire to support anything in Kansas.

I do admire the Kansas Senator who had the courage to stand up to the lying bully and support the needs of his constituents, but then there is the extreme nut who is trying to disenfranchise millions of voters so the lying bully and the extremist billionaires can steal the next election, including local elections etc. and it makes me want to get out of the state fast.

I know it doesn’t make any sense, but I simply don’t want to support a state that has lost it’s direction and become beholden to the kook bothers and similar nuts and is intent to destroying it citizens to benefit the wealthy.

While I never watch “fakefoxnews”, I happened to run across a headline while I was surfing the channels in the hotel room and I was shocked at the misleading and totally false headline I saw. Of course, when I saw it was “fakefoxnews” I realized the reason for the lying headline.

Anyway, enough of the negative rant, I really do try to avoid it, but the pretensions and self-righteous greedy behavior is sickening

July 23, 2017 already. While I realize time will pass, I didn’t realize it went buy quite of fast 10 years ago, I noted that “In ten years I will be 70”, but I really didn’t expect the time to pass so fast.

I think I especially notice time pass in the goals and hopes and dreams of myself and the people I know. Sometimes, you make a lot of progress, other times I look at my goals of years past and realize I still haven’t accomplished them or even taken any steps to accomplish them! On the other hand, it may just be the result of my priorities.

Watching tv in “live” mode is now an unusual experience as we watch almost anything we watch (including sports) on a “time shift” basis. I reach for the remote and realize I can’t fast forward it!

That’s it for now, Sunday, July 23, 2017.


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