2017 Summer July 26 Wednesday

81 degrees this morning (feels like 85), walk 33:57 minutes

Felt a little warm during my walk, but sitting on the patio now, it feels just perfect. There is a light breeze and there is that night coolness in the air.

I remember sleeping out on the porch when I was a child and now I know why I enjoyed it so much. Of course, we didn’t have air conditioning either!

I have thought about taking my morning nap out here on the patio, but haven’t really progressed beyond the wishful thinking phase. It is just so nice and pleasant out here.

I would probably want a cot to keep away from creeping crawlies.

Pace was 26 seconds faster than my goal, almost a record I think. I didn’t feel I was walking that fast, but that seems to be the way it is.

The current walking shoes are coming to the end of their service life, although I will continue to wear them for causal wear, probably for years.

Actually, in the summer I almost never wear shoes except for work (when I work in the field) and occasionally for a meeting etc. Otherwise, during the summer climate, it is sandals.

Listening to the Great Course on the Industrial Revolution.

Struck me as current news in a way that in the early 1800’s, industry paid off Parliament to eliminate the minimum wage and other worker protections as a way of “economic development” and “eliminate regulations”. Sounds like the currently coward lying bully so called president and his GOP toadies.

I have to admit, I was already disgusted with the lying coward bully and his corrupt and criminal administration, but the attempt to “Hitlerize” the Boy Scouts was a new low, even for him.

What is really upsetting is this fiasco and attempt to politicize what is an American tradition didn’t get any criticism. It was truly an un-American racist and sexist speech to 30,000 teenagers who are taught to respect authority etc. They lying bully is truly severely mentally ill and should be removed for his mental illnesses.

What was really upsetting was the sight of two of his henchman (one with the stenchful audacity to wear a Boy Scout uniform) grinning and slobbering approval of his appalling racist and sexist comments.

Another fiasco is his cowardly attacks on someone who works for him. Even the lowest level or newest supervisor knows only a coward bully of the lowest intelligence or ethics would attempt to humiliate an employee in public. I think even the most cowardly supervisor knows you criticize in person and not in public. This coward bully obviously has no qualifications to be in the position he is.

Again, what is worse, is the kow towing by the Senators and Representatives and staff members and the complete lack of criticism of these cowardly and illegal actions. Instead they slobber and do you know what to a coward bully who doesn’t deserve any respect.

I more of less decided not to “rant”, but frankly I think the cowardly sexist and racist comments to Boy Scout and the attempt to Hilterize American youth and his cowardly attack on a subordinate are simply too much, and even more the lack of criticism for these actions. I’m sure they will all say a version of “we were only following orders” when the American people finally demand an accounting.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, July 26, 2017.


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