2017 Summer July 27 Thursday

84 degrees this morning, rain, no walk

Noted the headline this morning that “Charter Schools” are suing the state that they aren’t ripping off the state enough and “deserve” more money.

There are some excellent Charter schools, but I have observed many are just ripping off the system, self dealing etc. Regardless, there extreme greed makes me very angry. They knew what the funding was when they started, they need to deal with it. Instead they are costing millions of dollars in attorney fees trying to rip off the system even more than they already are.

On a good point of news, the state is trying to find ways to reduce the prison population by releasing more non-violent offenders.

One factor that I think is very unfair is the “bond” requirements where someone can actually spend months in jail for a traffic violation where the penalty isn’t even prison! Hard to believe our society actually accepts such cruel and inhumane treatment of minor offenses.

It is almost like the “debtors prison” and “workhouses” I am listening about in the course on the Industrial Revolution. Maybe worse, since they may or may not be guilty.

Not sitting on the patio this morning due to the rain. I always kind of wonder what I would be writing if I was sitting out on the patio (or vice versa).

During our recent vacation, someone observed that they had always lived around mountains. I remember reading about the impact of the environment on people, if people who grew up around mountains, the desert, the ocean etc. were different due to the environment.

I think the only thing they decided was that is you moved from one environment to another you could feel uneasy etc. in the absence your normal environment, which makes sense.

I thought about that the other day when I saw a beautiful sunset. Due to trees around our house, we don’t see the sunset often (as is true with anyone who lives in an urban area I assume). Of course, here we could simply drive a few minutes and see the sunset.

One thing I do really like about this area is the long evening, the sun doesn’t set until late, as later as 9;00 p.m. at the height of Summer.

Of course, that is offset by a later sunrise, but that is easy to deal with!

Technology is sometimes difficult to deal with, my printer insisted yesterday on “cleaning the printing heads” when I was in a hurry, my coffee maker is screaming about being “descaled” and my computer, iPad etc. keeps wanting to update.

It seems with all the advanced technology there is a way they could do this without being such a painful experience!

That’s it for now, Thursday, July 27, 2017.


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