2017 Summer July 28 Friday

79 degrees this morning Walk 34:37 minutes

Walk seemed about normal temperature wise, but sitting on the patio without any wind or breeze, I feel the heat. Strange (or perhaps wonderful) what a little bit of wind will do.

Pace was six seconds below my goal pace. As I have discussed before, I wonder about the impact of a goal on actual performance. Probably in my case the impact isn’t much since I consciously am aware of my pace for only short spans.

Probably if I was offered a large sum of money to exceed my goal and meet a much faster goal, I could probably do it up to a point.

Of course, threatening to beat me up if I didn’t meet my goal may have as big of an impact if not more.

It brings up the discussion on “which is more important, the carrot or the stick”. I always thought the carrot was more effective, at least in a comprehensive way. The “stick” may be more effective in short-term, concentrated efforts.

Frankly, I have never found the stick to be effective in most areas, except perhaps as a means of dramatically introducing consequences to unacceptable behavior. Of course, then you get into a discussion on who decides what is unacceptable behavior.

Probably a major consideration is “whose goal” is it? If it is my goal, you probably won’t be all that energetic about meeting it, on the other hand if you make it “my goal” also, then I suddenly may be more committed to it!

I believe the key to all of this is making “my goal” and “your goal”, “our goal” we are all committed to the same thing.

Simple to say, but hard to do!

One thing I have noticed that dramatically impacts my journal each morning is whether I have walked or not. I don’t know if it is better or worse, but the words flow much easier when I have exercised earlier.

Of course, as soon as I write that (that words flow better after exercise), I think of all the exceptions to the view which basically means it probably isn’t a factor!

It may be the stimulation of listening to a book or even to music also starts my thoughts rolling, or maybe id really doesn’t matter.

A little early to be writing about the end of July, but it is had to believe July of 2017 is almost over.

I guess I am now a “certified” Senior Citizen or an Old Geezer (take your pick) since I am getting Social Security. Fortunately I don’t need to worry about being either one, I can just be myself.

One thing I noticed about young children is their basic natural acceptance of you (or not) without regard to age, or other social stereotypes. (Gender probably still matters, but not in the normal sense that adults use it as a stereotype.)
Glad it is Friday. Although I enjoy my job, it is nice to have the weekend roll up.

That’s it for now, Friday, July 28, 2017.


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