2017 Summer August 3 Thursday

2017 Summer August 3 Thursday

71 degrees this morning, walk 34:07 minutes

Nice weather for walk this morning, again I thought it may be too cool to sit on the patio, but is is very pleasant. If much of a breeze comes up it could get too cool, but right now it is wonderful.

4.5 earthquake last night, a “shock” to say the least. This after a number of earthquakes during the day (one I felt earlier), all substantially stronger (3.0 to 4.0) than previous earthquakes.

Hard to say what it felt like, except it makes a believer out of you that earthquakes are happening! The second one (the 4.5) seemed to last forever.

Meanwhile, the group of elected officials elected with oil company money sit and do nothing, letting the oil companies continue to not clean up their salt water wells and recycle the water instead of throwing it into the ground and creating damaging earthquakes.

I’m not sure what it is going to take to get them to act, the earthquakes and getting stronger and stronger.

Of course with the lying bully coward and his policy of eliminating all regulations without consideration of whether they are “good” regulations will make things worse.

Watching the Nazi robot Miller last night “we have to support the president 100% no matter what he does” really is scary. The thought that an obvious lunatic Nazi like that is in any position of influence in any organization is frightening, much less at the national level.

Looking at getting away next winter for some warm weather! The thought makes me feel better already. We have decided yet for sure, still thinking about it.

I don’t even like to think about the end of summer, it has been a good summer. Actually, summer weather won’t really end for at least two more months, probably three, so I will enjoy those months!

The cold months seem to last forever, the warm months seem to fly by!

There have recently been several delivery services started in this area. At first you just kind of laugh it off, cut then you start to think of how much time you could save (you still need to shop on-line etc. for local businesses so the time you actually save is driving up to the store).

If I start to think of the amount of time in going to pick up even a small item, it is a lot of time which we could be saving.

Of course that is assuming the delivery service is relatively efficient and you receive good quality, especially groceries.

Probably the older we get, the more attractive it is also, but somehow time has gotten so limited.

Probably a large part of the “time limitations” is a failure to adequately set priorities, although that can be time consuming in itself.

Of course, even setting priorities won’t help much if time is used inefficiency although it could be that you could believe that it is not possible to use your time inefficiency if you are doing what you really want to do, or something like that.

I remember a quote once I saw that said something about how time is so precious, something like 24 golden hours each set with 60 diamond minutes or something like that. One of those quotes you think you know but you don’t when you try to say the quote!

That’s it for now, Thursday, August 3, 2017.


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