2017 Summer August 4 Friday

2017 Summer August 4 Friday

71 degrees this morning, Walk 34:54 minutes

Gorgeous weather for a walk, sitting out on the patio, although a little warmer might be nice. However, with no breeze, the weather is almost perfect.

Pace was 3 seconds slower than my goal, which is realistically well within the parameters of my goal.

Of course, that is assuming my goal is the right goal, and I don’t really know about that. If my goal is to reach or exceed my goal occasionally or even frequently, it is the right goal.

Realistically my goal should be to have a goal that will maximize what I want from my walk.

Of course, what I really want from my walk is the absence of having to worry about goals during my walk!

I was thinking this morning if for some reason I didn’t have a record of my walk (my watch didn’t keep track right because I pushed the wrong button or something), it was almost like not going on a walk. Of course that isn’t correct.

Actually the overall goal of my walk isn’t for time or even for the walk itself. Perhaps my walk has become so much a part of my life (probably at least 30 years for an “early morning” walk, even longer for just walking or running) that it is just there as a daily event.

I think the purpose of my walk is to obviously maintain my ability to function, a “use it or lose it” type of thinking.

My weight lifting (and setups) are about the same, it is just a matter of keeping doing it as long as I can do it and increasing the weights occasionally without any real goal other than exercise.

Some of the habits I am glad to have are my walk, my weight lifting and my journaling. I am hoping to get back into early morning bicycle riding again. Whenever I do bicycle I realize how much I miss it.

Coming up on my 70th Birthday, which is extremely hard to believe. 10 years ago, I said “in 10 years I’ll be 70” and that is one forecast I was right about! While I realize it is just a number, it does indicate one more milestone.

There are still many projects I am working on that I have been working on, or at least thinking about, for years. Many of them may be trivial, but still important.

Hopefully I will continue with my pictures of my “Hot Wheels” cars on the basis of one or two a day, which I need to get into the habit of doing. Part of the problem is I”m not satisfied with the pictures, but again my goal is not to take good pictures but to document the collection.

One of the quandary’s is that if you remove the car from the box, you lose a lot of the information about the car. But if you don’t remove the car from the box, you don’t get any enjoyment out of it.

I currently am just taking pictures of the “loose cars” (no boxes available) but I have a lot with the boxes still available. What I plan on doing is taking the car out of the box, take a picture and note the basic information (type of car etc.) and, if I really get into it, scan the box.
The problem with the loose cars is that I lose the information about the car other than what is on the car itself.

The other trivial projects are to take pictures of all of my hats before I give them away and the other is to have a “t-shirt quilt”, probably take pictures of the t-shirts before I sent them to be quilted.

Further explanation of those projects is for another day!

That’s it for now, Friday, August 4, 2017.


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