2017 Summer August 7 Monday

2017 Summer August 7 Monday

74 degrees this morning no walk (schedule)

Well, the day I have thought about for a long time is over. Another decade is beginning.

A very nice birthday party (thanks to Aliene) Saturday and then a very nice birthday day Sunday. Ate breakfast out and then just lazed away the day, grazing from the left-over birthday food, cake and ice cream!

Actually, I got a few projects I’m been working on done. Sometimes that seems to happen, you relax and suddenly you get little projects done that have been hanging around, like renewing car tags, reading insurance policies and updating some records that had to be updated.

Not quite sure how I feel about the birthday. As I mentioned before, I have obviously known it was coming, but the reality is different than the anticipation sometimes. Mainly, I can’t do anything about it except enjoy the benefits and accept whatever is part of it. (I had a hard time finding the right word, “consequences” seemed a little strong.)

The social impact of Facebook (and similar internet sites) is really apparent on Birthdays and similar events.

Started reading another book that is a book assigned to incoming college students. I started it just to really see how things have changed since I started college.

As they say, the characters may be changed, but the play remains the same (or something to that effect).

When I read about some of the drugs out today (especially the ones that you simply know are going to destroy you such as meth & “opioids” etc), the difficulties in getting jobs etc., I really feel for some of the children today as they become adults.

While the internet is a wonderful advancement in a lot of ways, it also has a very strong dark to it.

I think the challenge with any age or stage of life is challenging yourself to not allow yourself to become stagnant or so comfortable that you suddenly get into a rut and you don’t see you are in a very comfortable rut, but the rut stops you from trying new events, books, experiences etc.

Maybe as you get older, it becomes more difficult.

Reading some of different types of books recently, I tend to feel maybe I wasn’t reading as much just because I needed to try reading something different. I still enjoy the comfortable books, but it has also been interesting to read something different, that was fiction, but not the type I normally read.

That’s it for now, Monday, August 7, 2017


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