2017 Summer August 9 Wednesday

2017 Summer August 9 Wednesday

73 degrees this morning, walk 35:34 minutes

Wonderful morning for walk etc. For some reason my pace was 30 seconds slower than my goal. I never really know how I am doing while walking.

The “don’t know how doing” brings up another thought, as far as honest feedback. So many times, I have seen people who honestly feel they are doing well, but for some reason no one tells them their weaknesses until it is beyond repair.

Of course, there is also the other side, the person who is doing extraordinarily well, and doesn’t get feedback to that effect!

Both extremes can be disastrous or at least counterproductive.

I always thought the best “evaluation” was the daily feedback you give someone on how they are doing, although a long term perspective is also good.

Toastmasters has a system of “evaluation”, not criticism or praise for that matter, just an “evaluation” of a speech or meeting etc. It may well turn into criticism or praise, but the overall objective is feedback to assist a member in improving.

I remember years ago I was taking an on-line course in Management and I learned the term “Kaizen”, or continuous improvement.

I think the concept struck me as one of those thoughts which I knew, and probably practiced, but I had never thought of it as a concept before and it really made sense.

Of course, there are numerous articles on the “problem with Kaizen” etc. and, in fact, whenever I look up the word (which I just did), my earlier blog posts on it are cited!

Like anything, it can be taken to extremes. Also, I don’t think anyone really though you should try only for “continuous improvement” and not try for the “big leap” also!

Actually, listening to the “Great Course” on the Industrial Revolution shows a history of “great leaps” with many instances of “continuous improvement” as an invention is refined etc.

This morning, the instructor reviewed Henry Ford’s assembly line and how it changed the standard of living, but also dehumanized the production of work.

Something I hadn’t realized, the Model T, the first Henry Ford car, was basically made without “new models” each year. It was literally continuous improvement. Henry Ford also pioneered the “installment purchase” to purchase cars (following Singer and installment purchase on Singer sewing machines) and the concept that a person making the product should make enough to purchase it.

It was actually General Motors who started the “new model each year” concept and Ford had to follow to remain competitive. While this increased the market (persons were more likely to trade if they had an entirely new model) it also made it much more expensive to make the equipment changes etc.

Already August 9. Soon school will start and the basic concept of Summer will be over, although Summer weather should continue for several months.

Enjoying sitting on the patio this morning, a little nippy, but very pleasant.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, August 9, 2017.


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