2017 Summer August 10 Thursday

2017 Summer August 10 Thursday

73 degrees this morning. Walk 35:03 minutes

Rain last night, almost thought it was raining this morning, but checked and it was actually nice outside, just a little wet. Strong thunderstorms were going on south of us, but not here.

Pace was 13 seconds slower than my goal pace. Humidity is high (actually it says 100%) and that could have a little to do with my relatively slow pace.

Didn’t think I could sit out on the patio this morning, but there is no rain and it is very pleasant.

The air is really wonderful this morning. There is a light breeze.

Thinking some more about evaluation/criticism. This morning, while listening to the “Great Course” on the Industrial Revolution, they discussed the “Hawthorne Effect”.

Basically, the study was to find what helped productivity of workers on a phone assembly assembly line. They tried different levels of light, different wall colors etc.

Of course, they discovered that anything they did increased productivity because the workers liked the attention and responded to the interest in their jobs by increasing productivity.

One of those things that you should intuitively know, but sometimes it takes something unique to explain something!

I think that is true of anyone in any situation. If you are honestly interested in someone or their situation, it makes it more interesting and rewarding for that person.

I am fortunate in that I rarely face a blank sheet of “paper” and go braindead *(Writers block) not knowing what to say What I say may not be that interesting or creative but it does flow easily from my mind to my keyboard and then on to the screen.

I actually liked typing in high school, actually took two years of typing. I would even practice no the type writer (a manual at the time)

While the equipment has dramatically changed, i always am glad I took the typing classes, it was really helped me deal with computers, blogs etc.

I can actually remember the old “ball” IBM electric typewriters and I thought that was the height of technology! Of course, at the time it was.

I can still remember when I switched to a computer and the words just magically appear on he screen.

I am sure that seeing the words pop up on the screen and being able to immediately read your thoughts makes a huge difference.

Probably “spell check” had nearly as much an impact as anything else in shaping how we wrote and composed on the computer.

I’m not sure if it had a positive impact only on spelling. Since i don’t need to worry about spelling, I can concentrate on other factors. Of course, that doesn’t account for the fact that “spell check” makes you lazy by not having to look up a word! Also spell check can waylay you and make a word say something you had no intention of saying.

That’s it for now, Thursday August 10, 2017


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