2017 Summer August 12 Saturday

2017 Summer August 12 Saturday

75 degrees this morning, walk 35:24 minutes

Kind of a heavy feeling this morning in the air during my walk (Humidity is 87%). Sitting on the patio now, the heavy feeling is still in the air.

Pace was 13 seconds slower than my goal, probably because the humidity slows me down, or at least the perception slows me down.

The “Great Course” on the Industrial Revolution this morning mentioned the book “Brave New World”, written 1932.

Brave New World must be one of those books that I have thought I read, but either haven’t read it or I completely forgot what I read. Of I didn’t understand what I was reading when I read it so I don’t remember that I read it. Or something like that.

Anyway, I didn’t realize it basically equated Henry Ford era with the era of Jesus. (The novel was set in 600 AT, for “after Ford”).

I am sure I would have remembered it if I had read it, but as I noted, I may have not understood it.

I will have to read at least a synopsis of it.

Speaking of not understanding the story, due to a lack of tv, computers and people when I was a child I read a lot. I was reading my older brothers and sisters high school literature books when I was in probably the 4th through 6th grade.

I remember one story I read numerous times “Alas Babylon”. I didn’t realize until years later when I read it and realized it was a story about after life a long time a nuclear war! (Radioactive areas, “roads of the Gods” etc. There were a lot of stories that I didn’t understand, but I still enjoyed reading them, time and time again.

Strange, I just had a possum come up to me and drink water out of an empty flower pot on the patio. Actually, it was about 5 feet from me. It could be it’s sight isn’t good enough to see me, but it either didn’t smell or see me or decided I was part of the landscape. Or it just decided I wasn’t a danger for some reason (it was absolutely right!)

I’m not quite sure if a possum is dangerous or not. I checked first to make sure it wasn’t a skunk. If it had been I’d probably never come out on the patio again in the early morning!

I think it was a possum, it had a long skinny nose and a hairless tail (or at least appeared hairless). Maybe it will take care of bugs etc.

I also had a bird come and sit within a foot of me the other day, maybe they consider me a non-threatening part of the landscape!

I was rather surprised to learn that the US provided almost all of the trucks, tanks etc. the Soviet Union had in World War II during it’s fight with Germany. I guess it was away of keeping Hitler at bay. I think the idea was they would destroy each other.

Yesterday, I was rather surprised to learn that my granddaughter and I share the same tastes in music to some degree. Her favorite music is actually classic rock, the Beatles etc. and she was actually impressed that I knew Jimmy Hendrix and Stevie Vaughan, or rather was alive at the same time they were alive and remembered them

Adjourned inside (or rather the proper word is “recessed”) inside. A light rain started and I have learned a very expensive lesson of what a few drops of moisture will do to my laptop!

With the possum and rain, it has been even weirder than normal this time of the morning!

That’s it for now, Saturday, August 12, 2017.


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