2017 Summer August 13 Sunday

2017 Summer August 13 Sunday

71 degrees, humidity 97%, walk 35;14 minutes

Don’t know that I’ll note the humidity every morning, just thought it might have some relationship to my walking speed.

In Memphis, for a long time I recorded the Mississippi river level, just because it was something completely different. I also recorded the high and lows for the dates for awhile. I don’t know why I stopped, I think it was the extra time (remember this is morning “hypertime”) involved in getting the information and writing it down. It interrupted the flow.

Pace this morning was 7 seconds slower than my goal.

Strange, the humidity was 84% yesterday, but I felt the humidity a lot more yesterday and it wasn’t that warm.

Rain most of day yesterday, one of those long soaking rains that means I probably should turn off the sprinkler system for several days and not waste water on trying keep grass green and really should be brown. Such a waste, but I fall into line and do it anything.

I would feel better about using the water if we were watering flowers or something instead of grass that really wasn’t meant to be green all year anyway.

Our HOA wastes a lot of water on watering landscaping. While I am walking sometimes it is like a river from all of the water they waste. Then of course, they have to spend a lot of money cutting it, kind of a non-winning battle.

Of course they probably are under a lot of pressure to keep everything green, and their excuse is that it is well water. To me, wasting water is wasting water.

Our pet possum (or maybe it is a “opossum”, I’m not real sure of the difference) is quite an animal.

Apparently it is kind of a pest control center. It eats snakes, spiders, rats, mice and almost anything else. I think I’ll put out some water so it will stay around.

I think it (and probably an opossum family) is living in the bushes around our house. The more the merrier if they eat snakes, spiders, mice etc. They are welcome to stay.

They are nocturnal animals. Our back patio is well lit at night, and it could be it didn’t see me in the bright light, since I assume it actually sees better in the dark. Just a thought.

We had scheduled a pest control company to come out to spray the house, which I think includes some outside spraying. Now I am concerned about the Opossum getting sick from the pest control poison. I”ll check with the company. Hate to lose our “natural” pest control, especially if it keeps snakes away.

That’s it for today, Sunday, August 13, 2017.


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