2017 Summer August 14 Monday

2017 Summer August 14 Monday

76 degrees this morning. Rain, no walk.

A lot of rain the past several weeks. It has basically been a “good” rain, relatively light and a “soaking” rain.

The rain makes a big difference in my early morning routine, since I normally can’t walk in the rain. I always think i will get a lot done since I can use the time I spent walking on something else but….

It always amazes me how fast time goes in the early morning.

Read some more about opossums, they actually are very helpful animals to have around. There actually are some real “possums” but it is more of a regional expression as to whether it is opossum or possum.

I also found they don’t have rabies very often (their body temperature is low for a mammal and won’t normally carry the virus.)

They also are naturally immune to most snake venom etc. and are actually smarter than rats and mice at running mazes etc. As i mentioned they are basically good to have around for pest control.

The things I learn in the early morning!

The city we live in recently sent some information on recycling. This city residents recycle about twice the national average for some reason.

Most of the information was on videos, and I really don’t do videos very often so I didn’t watch the information. Not quite sure why they sent videos and didn’t send just the written information

Videos take so much time to watch. While they can add to the information, normally they don’t and take up a lot of time, so I normally just bypass any videos, especially “talking head” videos.

Anyway, I assume one reason the recycling rate is higher here is that they use “single stream” recycling, which means you just toss all the recycling stuff in a 95 gallon container.

We actually recycle 2 to 3 times our normal trash, at least that is an estimate. Recycling is picked up every two weeks and the bin is normally almost full, regular trash is picked up once a week and it is normally about 20% full.

I found I had a copy of the “Cliff’s Notes” for “Brave New World”. I was surprised to start reading it and realize I had probably never read the book and really didn’t know what it was about.

While I realize I can’t or won’t read everything, I at least like to know what some of the more better known novels etc that created a cultural shift etc. are about.

On the other hand, I have to admit I could care less about some of the shows etc. that are highlighted in the news media (such as “Game of Thrones” currently, which I have zero interest in, or for that matter, the show “Survivor” which was actually reported as “news” when it was popular. I never watched it and again have zero interest in watching such as show and no interest in reading or watching about it. The value of taping the news and the fast-forward button and one reason I like newspapers, you can’t simply skip the news you don’t want to read.

That (being able to skip the news you don’t want to read) is a double edged sword, since it also may mean I don’t read news I simply don’t understand or disagree with while it may be important for me to read about it.

That’s it for now, Monday, August 14, 2017.


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