2017 Summer August 15 Tuesday

2017 Summer August 15 Tuesday

75 degrees this morning. Walk 35:28 minutes

Overall good walk this morning. Humidity was 95%, and my pace was 23 seconds slower than my goal, so there may be some relationship between humidity and my walking pace.

Although the walk was good overall this morning, it still definite had the sense of “heavy” air.

Haven’t seen my friend, the opossum, since the one time I have seen him. Since they are nocturnal I probably won’t see him much. (There big eyes are the result of their pupils being enlarged so they can see at night.) Probably was highly unusual that I would see him at night.

Fortunately I learned they really don’t have rabies that much, since the virus doesn’t do well in their body temperature. Otherwise an opossum in the bright light could be considered a sign of rabies.

Anyway, I warned the pest control people we probably have family of possums living in the bush near our house and we don’t want them disturbed or damaged since they probably do better at pest control than the spraying does!

Listening to the “Great Course” on the Industrial Revolution this morning, they were reviewing some of the reasons for the emerging of the EPA etc. and environmental regulations. It is a real shame there is currently a career criminal heading the EPA now who is bought and paid for by the oil, gas, and chemical industries who will eliminate many of the “good”regulations in a effort to pay his fields by eliminating regulations that are good.

He also ignores open meeting laws and generally operates ignoring all laws and, of course, demanding millions of dollars in security details around him and taking personal trips on tax dollars. A real crook, probably using tax $ to try to get higher political office where he can steal more and do more damage.

There probably are regulations that need to be changed, but operating in criminal secrecy is hardly the way to do it.

They also pointed out that the word “revolution” originally came from the term for a revolving wheel. Since “revolution” means permanent (usually dramatic) change, depending on the context, it seems like the word was used incorrectly, since a revolving wheel revolves and, technically, goes nowhere.

The revolving wheeling does create change since it takes you somewhere.

The “Great Course” on the Industrial Revolution is now in it’s final chapter. I will need to decide if I am going to move on or possibly listen to it again. It really has some valuable information in it.

It really just hit me today that 2018 is really not that far off. As fast as time seems to go, it will be here shortly.

I think I thought about it when i realized the baseball season (the local AAA team) will be over shortly. To use a trite phrase, it seems like it only just begun!

School is starting or already has started, which is a real sign that summer will soon be over and cold weather is coming!
I can remember when 2020 seemed a long way off. Now, we are only a few short winters from it.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, August 15, 2017.


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