2017 Summer August 16 Wednesday

2017 Summer August 16 Wednesday

75 degrees this morning, walk 34:42 minutes

Heavy rains yesterday, kind of caught me by surprise.

Walk this morning was 94 % humidity, which may account for my pace being 25 seconds slower than my goal!

For some reason, the distance was shorter this morning, so I must have taken some shortcuts! I’m talking about .04 of a mile, so it’s not that important, just surprising, since that is about the shortest distance I have walked on my usual walk. A difference of .11 mile versus .21 mile or so, with the averages usually being around .16.

One of my favorite comic strips (Pearls before Swine) made me think about goals this morning. One of the characters is writing down goals, since his therapists told him if he writes down his goals, he is more likely to achieve them.

He only goal at the time was “eat more cheese”, which he admitted may not be the most ambitious goal!

Made me think about how my “goals” are changing as I age. Perhaps the worst part about aging is the sudden (or maybe gradual over the years) changing of the options available to you, or maybe the limiting of options. Kind of like a funnel, the older you get, the fewer options you have.

Not that that is necessarily bad, it also means new options are available also.

I have always enjoyed reading the comic strips. Strangely enough, I can understand what my Dad meant when he said the “comic strips take too much time”. I rush through them now (as I have for years now) and focus on just a few favorites.

The Memphis Commercial Appeal had the best comic strips of any paper I ever read. The current city paper I receive has a few good ones, but doesn’t have my favorite (Lulu, perhaps oddly enough). I also always try to read “Zits”, “For Better or Worse”, “Beatle Bailey” “Dilbert”, “Garfield” Wizard of Id” etc. are ones I try to scan.

It doesn’t take a lot of time, but somehow I always am rushed when I read them.

Completed the “Great Course” on the Industrial Revolution this morning during my walk. Unusually enough, I finished it about halfway through my walk.

I started listening to it again, not sure if I am going to actually listen to it again or not, at least right now. Not that it isn’t worth listening to again, it is what I am missing if I listen to it again.

Had to wait at the public place yesterday, and I became very concerned (read I would have thrown a tantrum if I wasn’t in public) over the Apple iPad “blocking” me from a wi fi site because it “wasn’t secure” and I should “put a password on it”. Obviously I’m not in any capacity to put a password on a wifi from Starbucks, a medical clinic etc. This has happened numerous times the past few months.

The idea that Apple thinks it has to “protect” me makes me very angry and I am going to the Apple store and asking for assistance in getting around it. If I can’t I am not buying any more Apple iPads or probably even Apple products. Not being able to connect to Wi Fi make the iPad basically worthless except at the house.

What is really strange is that my iPhones will connect even with the stupid and worthless “security warning”. I am well aware of the dangers of public wifi and I hardly need the “protection” of Apple blocking me. We’ll see, maybe there is an easy way around it.

I will write Tim Cook a letter complaining about the absurd “warning” and blocking wi fi sites if there isn’t a way around it.

Haven’t seen my friend, the opossum around, hoping the pest control treatment won’t bother it.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, August 16, 2017.


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