2017 Summer August 17 Thursday

2017 Summer August 17 Thursday

71 degrees this morning, walk 35:36 minutes.

Vey high humidity (97%) again this morning, after very heavy rain last night. Somehow suddenly rain is coming all the time.

In spite of the humidity, the walk was ok, I didn’t really feel it like I do some mornings, perhaps a slight wind, perhaps the rain last night, I don’t quite understand how humidity works. Outside of the obvious that is.

Pace was 9 seconds slower than my goal, which isn’t bad for the humidity, if the humidity indeed slows my pace.

Oddly enough today was one of the longest walks, .20 vs .11 yesterday or about .09 of a mile more, but I didn’t notice anything, other than my watch tapping out the miles a little sooner than normal.

The watch kind of “taps” at each mile, which is nice.

My walking shoes are reaching their life span, I think I can feel it in my feet. The deterioration is so gradual, you don’t really notice it until you notice it, so to speak. My goal is to walk as long as possible in the shoes without being destructive to my feet.

They have reached the approximate mileage limit for this quality of shoe.

They continue to make very good “causal” shoes, so I am building up a supply of “causal” walking shoes, since in the summer I normally wear sandals unless I am working in the field.

I actually can wear “decent” walking shoes (read clean, no obvious tears etc.) in the field so I plan ahead and don’t buy any wild colors etc. and buy colors that will be somewhat muted and not noticeable. I think walking shoes have become acceptable in almost any situation, again depending on the shoe.

I read where clothes, old walking shoes etc. are now gathered and shipped to various countries where they are sorted and resold if possible, if not they are torn apart and recycled.

Makes me feel a little better about giving my old shoes and clothes that I feel should go to the dump to a charity that will sell them to be recycled!

Actually, I have bought five “generations” of “quality” walking shoes since the podiatrist advised me to wear better shoes. I have given away the first generation, which were so worn out metal was sticking out of the rubber or whatever it is on the soles. The second generation will go soon, they are rapidly becoming unsuitable for even causal wear.

Speaking of old clothes, I have two shirts that I just realized are 20 years old. I wear them a lot as “after shower” and “after swimming” shirts since they are absorbent without being “heavy”. I hate to see them wear out, but they are developing holes (more from they way they are hung on hooks), but they are probably good for several years yet.

It’s not that I”m cheap, (well, anyway), but I just don’t feel like I can really replace them with a shirt I will enjoy as much. Enjoy may be the wrong word, perhaps shirts that are as comfortable for wear after I take a shower or swim are a better word.

Speaking of purchasing, I wanted to buy some aftershave balm, which of course, if becoming “scarce” since it has been out for a long time. I couldn’t find it on hand in the normal stores (Macy’s, Dillards etc.) so I decided to buy on-line. I was surprised to find that the Amazon price was the most expensive, basically the same as Department Stores.

Jet, a Walmart subsidiary, had it for about 55% the price of Amazon, with free shipping and some kind of weird discount for delivery Friday instead of Thursday. Amazon may be getting “walmarted” or “amazoned” by the new competition.

Haven’t seen my friend the opossum any more, hope it is dining well on pests, snakes etc.

That’s it for now, Thursday, August 17, 2017.


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