2017 Summer August 18 Friday

2017 Summer August 18, Friday

77 degrees this morning, walk 35:10 minutes

Humidity was high again this morning (97%), but I don’t believe I would have said that based on my walk. There must be a lot of other factors involved in humidity and how you feel.

When I first took off on my walk this morning, I noticed some ominous lightning in the west (sounds like a book title, or maybe a song title), but it never got any closer. It is still lightning in the west, may be getting closer, can’t tell.

I was surprised since none of the weather apps I check had any indication of it. The air kind of feels like rain in coming in.

Pace this morning was “on goal” to the second. That rarely happens, I think it may have happened once before. Distance was .19 versus .20 yesterday.

While I shouldn’t be surprised, I am always surprised at the number of people seeking treatment at medical facilities. Assuming they aren’t the same people, there are a lot of people with medical needs. Doesn’t even seem to relate to age etc., just a lot of people.

Sometimes I am surprised to realize how fast time goes. I know I mention it relatively often, but still, maybe it is impossible to put into words how time just flies. It really seems like Monday just started, and it is now Friday. And August 18, 2017? I don’t feel like it is that date at all!

That is in spite of the fact that all week I was thinking it was a day or two later! When I first entered my journal date on Monday for example, I put Wednesday etc! It just seemed like it should be later all week!

I guess that is what my parents (and many others) tried to impress on me when I was younger, time flies, and you had better make the best use of it, whatever that may be.

I think perhaps that is one reason for stress is that people want to maximize their usage of time, but it is difficult to prioritize exactly what you should use your time for.

I was surprised to learn (on my “re-listening” to the Industrial Revolution Great Course), that in the 1500’s basically up to the industrialization of the work place, that many workers observed “Saint Monday”, where the revelry of the weekend continued for a 3 day weekend!

Also, one of the hardest parts of industrialization was getting workers to come in on time, especially during the winter, when traditionally they worked only during daylight!

Some things never change!

Taking the car in for maintenance this week, the dealer wants me to consider trading it “without any increase in payment” etc. Yeah, sure. It would be hard to beat 0% interest and the car is doing fine.

My only problem is the Toyota Camry seems to have a body defect on the front bumper, it seems to keep coming apart, and rather than making it cheap and easy to repair, they make you replace the entire bumper.

In this case, I am taking it back to the body shop, I feel like it was a defective repair. In any event, I don’t plan on paying for repairs, I’ll just shove it back into place or this time have them tape it.

Odd to think that we have had the car for almost 3 years now. Otherwise it has been a great car.

Haven’t seen any more of my friend the possum. Of course, that is kind o the entire idea of the nocturnal possum. I have to assume they (I assume it is a family) are out there busily eating snakes and pests. I’ll leave water in the event of any dry spell!

That’s it for today, Friday, August 18, 2017.


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