2017 Summer August 23 Wednesday

2017 Summer August 23 Wednesday

73 degrees this morning. walk 35;11 minutes

Walk this morning was nice, seemed actually cool. I assumed the humidity was low, but after my walk I found it was 96%. So, it appears the humidity itself doesn’t bother me much, it mush be a function of temperature and humidity and maybe the wind speed.

Pace was 5 seconds faster than my goal pace. Distance was one of he longest .21 mile.

Interesting section of the Great Course on the Industrial Revolution this mooning, mentioned that the 4’8’’ gauge for railroads became the “standard” in spite of attempts to use other “more improved” width standards.

Of course we see a lot of that in today’s world also. The product that sets the standard becomes the standard, even if other standards may be better. The fact that the 4’8” standard for railroads begin in the 1700’s (or so) illustrates the power of precedent!

Of course, on the other hand, I think of the 8 track tape, cassette tapes, records etc., and there, even with a big base, the next generation was completely different and required an entirely new investment to use the new standard.

TV’s are an example where I believe the “standard” was essentially changed and I think the shift to the LCD etc. tv’s is now basically complete.

There must be some point where the “sunk costs” or the “standard” is so set into place that it “is” the standard.

I was thinking this morning about how steam engines basically were the standard since the 1700’s up to probably the early 1900’s and were only gradually replaced by gas, diesel and electric. I believe there are steam engines still in use today.

Horses and steam engines were both used extensively and basically co-existed for several centuries.

I have to assume in the end everything eventually changes or is modified, although the 4’8” standard for train tracks is likely to last until trains are no longer used.

The current computer keyboard set up (QWERT) is basically functionally unneeded, but people (like me) are so used to it, it would be difficult to change.

Originally, the keyboard was set up in this way to slow people down when they typed!

Perhaps one of the most obvious “standards” is the automobile. In spite of numerous improvements and upgrades etc, the standard automobile is basically unchanged since it started. It has 4 wheels, a steering wheel, a motor and at least two doors.

As I have mentioned before, when I was a child, I certainly thought the standard car design we have now would have radically changed to driverless cars, or even flying cars like helicopters that didn’t need a landing strip. I would not have believed I would be basically driving the same car as my Dad. Again, much improved, but….

I was surprised to learn that the “upgrade” for the iPad Pro 12”, had been complete for several months. I will wait for the next upgrade, I don’t really need it right now. My MacBook Air just went over 4 years old and I will need to consider if I go with an iPad or replace it with another laptop.

I am a little disgusted with Apple for arrogantly deciding that computers “don’t need” touch screens. I may replace the laptop with an iPad just to get a touch screen, or go to a completely new computer that has a touch screen.

Haven’t seen my friend the possum since our first visit. Probably won’t see it again, but as long sit hangs around and takes care of the snakes and pests, I”ll be happy.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, August 23, 2017.


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