2017 Summer August 24 Thursday

2017 Summer August 24 Thursday

69 degrees this morning, walk 35:10 minutes

Temperature this morning was kind of a shock to my system, actually approaching cold weather already!

I am sitting on the patio and it is very pleasant, but I’m sure if a wind was blowing it would be way too cool to sit out here. (This is while it is dark, when the sun comes up it will be warmer).

Didn’t dress any warmer for my walk, and of course I didn’t need too. The walk was actually very nice.

Pace was 13 seconds slower than my goal. Somehow it seems like I am walking slower. In this case I can actually check, but I don’t know if the figures would be meaningful, unless there is a reason I am walking slower.

Humidity this morning is 77%. It actually is now 65 degrees, which really is approaching the limit for me!

Crepe Myrtle blooms (I guess you call them that) are slowing withering away for the year. A sure sign that the end of summer is approaching.

School has started. Katherine and Kali are still working on the picture project, although at a slower pace. The goal is to digitalize all of Aliene’s pictures. Her mother and her worked on the project of cataloguing and noting the events/people, one of those projects I am glad she did.

I think it is good they are working on it.

I plan on scanning many of the items I have saved, like clippings etc. Rather than just have them in boxes, probably deteriorating, I will just digitalize them and either toss them or give them to someone else. Maybe. Actually, with the setup we have now, I probably will work o scanning them.

I read more and more about how older people who have furniture they treasured etc. realize their children etc. don’t really want their furniture and keepsakes. Actually it is understandable, since most children, by the time their parents are ready to dispose of their furniture etc., already have what they want and need.

Also with the current trend to “minimal” living (which certainly isn’t universal) and just the change in styles, it is understandable. On the other hand, it makes it a lot easier to get rid of stuff if you now no one wants it anyway!

Listening to the Great Course on the Industrial Revolution, the author mentioned that screws, bolts etc. were “standardized” in the 1840’s. Prior to that, many nuts, bolts and screws were not standardized, meaning they would’t fit on a lot of equipment etc due to a different “pitch” etc.

One of the small things that made possible a lot of advancements! Without that, any time of standardization or ability to repair items would have been almost impossible or at least extremely costly.

Probably eventually, like computer programs etc., the “market” would have set some type of standard.

On the other hand, “standardization” could inhibit progress. If 8 track tapes or records had been a “required” standard, it would have made cd’s (and now digital music and streaming music) costly or impossible.

Haven’t seen my friend, the possum, but I assume it (or the family) is out there. Haven’t seen any snakes and very few pests, so I am assuming it is busy.

That’s it for now, Thursday, August 24, 2017.


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