2017 Summer August 25 Friday

2017 Summer August 25 /Friday

75 degrees this morning, no walk due to schedule

Sitting on the patio, actually cool, almost too cool to sit here. Humidity is 84% (although temperature has dropped to 73 degrees), very little breeze, so I’m not sure what makes it seem “cold”.

Perhaps walking gets my body going and raises my temperature level.

i am finding growing older has advantages, but also has that uneasy atmosphere of “what is going to happen next”.

When you are younger, you know things could happen, (although your feel “not to me”) when you are older you know they will happen. Kind of a major difference in mindset!

Of course, at least at my age, you still feel like most of the inevitable events or changes are still somewhere far off in the future, a future where you will be more prepared for the changes!

Looking at some pictures of what seems like just yesterday, and is only about 15 years ago, I look so much younger then! People who moan about 50, or 40 or even 30 don’t really get much sympathy from me, they really have it great and need to enjoy it!

With my recent birthday, it is still a shock to tell my age (or birthdate) to someone and realize I really am that age!. As many people note, you just don’t feel that old, which is good!

While lI realize it is good to take a break from walking etc., I also feel a little guilty about missing a walk.

Whether I feel guilty or not is also a function of whether I really feel like walking or not. Some mornings, I don’t feel like walking until I start walking, other mornings I am ready for my walk. Very rarely, even after I finish my walk, I’m sorry I walked, in fact probably almost never.

I think not walking this morning is what made me think about growing older and the changes you make. A rather melancholy thought struck me this morning that some day, maybe not for 20 years or more, but it could be sooner, some day I will take my last walk. Illness or whatever could intervene.

Maybe that isn’t a bad mindset to have, “if this is my last walk (or whatever), I am going to really enjoy and experience it’! When I think of it in that way, maybe it is a good idea to realize that I will eventually lose many activities and things I value so it is good to fully experience the experience so to speak.

I am very glad that maybe about 30 years ago, I realized that I had to live for “today”, not in the sense of having to party or be reckless, but the sense of truly experiencing life I even told myself going to the dentist was just one of life’s experiences that I need to experience. I certainly didn’t enjoy it, but if I had to go through it, I didn’t want to deny the experience either.

In the near future I will have 3 years at my current job. When I first started, I remember one of the more “experienced” people (with maybe 3 years on the job at that time) telling me that you needed at least several years on the job to really learn it.

I am learning that the longer I am on the job, the more I learn I don’t know, if that makes any sense.
My first Supervisor advised me working the assignments is “more of an art than a science” and I am learning the truth to that observation. Sometimes there is no real answer, you just do what you feel is right, and the more experience, the more you feel you make the right decision.

The biggest satisfaction of the job is feeling like I am helping people deal with the undealable (to doing a word). Every time i help someone with a problem, it is almost a new thrill.

Cool out this morning, I don’t know if my friend, the possum, is still around or not. I don’t know how they deal with cool (or hot for that matter) weather, but apparently they do.

That’s it for now, Friday, August 25, 2017.


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