2107 Summer August 26 Saturday

2017 Summer August 26 Saturday

71 degrees this morning, walk 33:32 minutes

Relatively cool this morning, although humidity is 97%. Rained almost all day yesterday, heavy at times. Of course, I forgot to turn off the sprinkler system so the lawn is very well watered.

Pace was 21 seconds slower than my goal. I don’t know why my pace has been somewhat slower. This morning, I did have a few distractions that slowed me up some, my bandana coming loose, and for some reason my earphones disconnecting.

I expect I have used the same earphones (Apple earphones that come with the iPhone) for years, so I need to think about replacing them if they continue to have problems.

On the other hand, I could just say “live a little” and buy a nice pair!

I have a pair of “airpods” which I love for talking on the phone and listening to my iPad with, but I’m not sure if I quite have the confidence to wear them on a walk yet! (concerned they may fall out, although they never have). Actually, if I tied my bandanna over them (which I do anyway, I tie it over my ears) it would work fine.

I read where people used to (in the 1600’s, 1700’s) wear their clothes until they literally rotted off Clothes were expensive and frequently people would pawn their good clothes for safekeeping, since clothes were frequently stolen.

I think there probably is a fine line between being “prudent” and being so puritanical as to border on being unhealthy.

When to replace something is always a tough decision (if you replace it before it wears out or is unusable).

Probably an example for me is shoes, keeping shoes for years to the point they probably were dangerous for my feet. Of course this can apply to almost anything.

Thinking of shoes because my current walking shoes are approaching retirement, and it may actually be time to retire them. I keep track of the mileage on my walking shoes and I know the generally expected maximum milage I should put on them before I retire them.

Technically I probably should retire them completely, but in my mind they are still good for causal wear, and so far haven’t been any problems and it provides me with a nice wardrobe of walking shoes!

I was disappointed to read where the Editor of the Wall Street Journal told the reporters to “go easy” on the lying bully coward. Of course, that means you can’t trust anything the Wall Street Journal publishes since where does the line stop? Do they “go easy” on a company the Editor owns stock in? I expect so, so I am canceling my subscription.

In a lot of ways, I hate to cancel my subscription, the Wall Street Journal has a lot of news you don’t read elsewhere. But, if you can’t trust them, it really doesn’t mean much, and I can certainly put the time elsewhere.

Of course, when I see the ads on some web sites (many web sites I have learned to avoid, since they have advertising for what is obviously scams), I am reminded of the ads that were in newspapers when I was a child (and probably still are). There were all kinds of classified ads for schemes that were clearly scams, but the Newspaper accepted them anyway, I assume on the basis of “free speech”.

I am a strong believer in Free Speech, but I think people forget that Free Speech doesn’t mean speech without consequences.

Anyway, it is good to have a weekend, several days without work. Much as I like my job, it is good to get away from it.

I am still assuming my friend, the possum is somewhere out there. They sprayed for pest control yesterday, but just inside, and unless it is sneakier than I think it is, it won’t be bothered by inside pest control. (It was raining so they couldn’t treat for pests outside).

That’s it for now, Saturday, August 26, 2017.


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