2017 Summer August 27 Sunday

2017 Summer August 27 Sunday

70 degrees this morning, walk 34;22 minutes

Pleasant walk this morning, humidity of 91%. Feeling the effects of humidity may be a function of heat and wind as much as anyway. Also noted that temperature is now 68 degrees.

Sitting on the patio, it is still very nice, but is on the borderline of being pleasant, at least until the sun rises.

Pace was 24 seconds faster than my goal, or almost 50 seconds faster than yesterday. While 50 seconds may not seem like much, that is 50 seconds per mile faster, so that is quite a bit.

Forgot to mention yesterday distance was .05, today it is .20, considerably longer, at least in relationship to yesterday. When I walk the same route every day, that is surprising. I will check my GPS on the watch and see if I missed part of the route yesterday.

Sunday morning, second day of the weekend already. I think this week (that is the week after next) is Labor Day, which will be a three day Holiday for us.

While I like 3 day holidays, Labor Day is always a little depressing because it means the end of Summer is coming fast.

This is the last week of AAA baseball for us, at least the last home games. When the season started, I kind of thought it was a lot of games, but now we are nearing the end (3 more games) and another season is over. The local AAA team didn’t have a great year and will not be in the play-offs. Not a huge deal, we just enjoy the games.

Again, it is another sign that Summer is ending. Not only will it be April (seven months if I am figuring it right) before the next home game, but it will late May (another almost two months) before it is warm enough or really enjoy the games. Of course some of the games are warm, but may are still cold. Depressing to say the least.

We are looking ahead to a warm cruise this winter, something we never had the time to do before. We will see what we were missing, or find out we weren’t missing anything!

Looking through some old pictures yesterday and found a picture of my Mom as a high school sophomore. Considering the number of pictures we have now, it is amazing how few pictures we have, and I expect we have a lot more than most people of that era because of Uncle Wayne, who was a professional photographer and made sure there were pictures of every family reunion etc! Something we really appreciate now!

Hopefully the rain has stopped for awhile, although I expect will will get some spinoff, so to speak from the hurricane.

Heard a lot of “caterwauling” a while ago. Obviously I have no idea what was going on. Hopefully my friend, the possum wasn’t involved. We need it eating snakes and other pests.

That’s it for now, Sunday, August 27, 2017.

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