2017 Summer August 28 Monday

2017 Summer August 28 Monday

72 degrees this morning, walk 35:38 minutes

Humidity is 86% this morning. Again, I really can’t relate the humidity to the feeling of heat. Perhaps it is because the sun isn’t up yet.

Pleasant walk, very nice on patio this morning, it is now 71 degrees. Slight breeze, almost perfect patio morning.

Pace was 7 seconds slower than my goal, which for all intents and purposes meets my goal. Except perhaps my real goal is not just to meet my goal but to be much faster than my goal. My real goal is probably 30 seconds faster.

Monday already. Weekend seemed to fly by.

The hurricane in Texas is amazing that a storm could have that much impact. I saw a “before” and “after” picture of interstate highways in Houston and the “after” pictures showed the entire highway system looking like a river, with water almost to the bottom the big directional signs go over interstates. That is a lot of water.

I don’t think you can plan for this type of storm, but I still think it does provide the reason for many of the “regulations” on storm water etc.

Just working for cities, I have observed the dangers of regulating too much, but also not regulating enough, especially in the areas of storm water and drainage.

I learned quickly that everyone is an expert on storm drainage, but no one wants to be the one responsible for preventing the problems with storm water drainage, it is always “that person behind the tree” so to speak who everyone feels should be responsible for it.

I have observed that is true in many areas, and I am sure I have the same feelings that “someone else” should be responsible.

It is something everyone thinks of during the flood, but quickly forget after the flooding is over!

The danger of the demagogues who politic on the platform of “cut regulations” to improve economic development, speed construction or whatever is that they normally just know to “cut regulations” and don’t really have any idea of what regulations need to be maintained or in many cases what additional regulations may be needed.

I know there are a lot of regulations that should be eliminated, but the “details” or which ones are good and which ones should be eliminated is the key, not stupid policies like “cut two regulations for every one” or whatever.

Reminds me of the “chickens”, the people who wanted the “right” to have chickens, regardless of their impact on neighbors etc. Now they are finding that “backyard” chickens in urban areas are magnets for diseases etc. and hardly the neutral activity of the persons promoting chickens.

I don’t have anything against chickens, I do and will oppose any proposal to allow people to undertake actives which will lower the quality of life for neighbors, whether it is chickens, loud music, loud wind chimes or whatever.

Trying to keep track of my dreams, I decided to note fragments, hoping I will remember more of the dream.

Dream Sunday 8-27- 2017

Dreamed I was in a big building with a lot of people For some reason I was in a small room at one end of the building.

It had big glass windows.

For some reason I was staying in the room, don’t recall if I was working there or just staying there for some reason.

People would walk in and out. At the end of the dream, when I woke up, I was trying to sleep but people kept looking in.

That’s it for now, Monday, August 28, 2017

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