2017 Summer August 29 Tuesday

2017 Summer August 29 Tuesday

65 degrees this morning, walk 34:38 minutes

The temperature of 65 degrees surprised me this morning, I remember the 65 degrees of Spring when 65 degrees was still cold, and I still wore my cold weather clothes.

I compromised and wore a long sleeve shirt, although I went ahead with shorts etc and nothing over my mouth.

I was pleasantly surprised that a summer 65 degrees is very pleasant and not at all bad. The humidity is 70%, I don’t know if that has anything to do with it or not.

I am actually enjoying sitting out on the patio, probably something I couldn’t do at 65 degrees with a wind of any sort, although maybe the Spring 65 degrees is “colder” (to the “feels like”) than 65 degrees in Summer.

Pace was 11 seconds faster than my goal.

Recently read where there is a store in the city that is taking and printing “3D” prints of persons, meaning you can make a small statute of yourself. They take a series of photos and then print them out on a 3D printer.

I haven’t yet but I plan to look at it (no, I have no interest in making a 3D print of myself!) just to see what it is like.

Supposedly a 9” “print” is most popular. It will detail every hair, every wrinkle in the clothes etc.

I know I have read about 3D printing of replacement organs etc., as well as manufacturing parts for machinery and of course, 3D printing of guns etc.

Any technology is, and will be used for both good and bad. Always the hazard of technology.

I think in a lot of ways, we don’t always consider the impact of technology and new products on the cultural and physiological structure of our society.

As I have mentioned before, I thought the “smartphone” probably was one of the products with the most impact on the individual and thus society, but I could probably make a strong argument for canals, the steam engine, the cotton gin, railroads, the interstate system, tv, space research etc in their era. I am sure there are a lot more examples.

I remember one of the first courses I took that actually discussed the “ethics” of research on humans was a graduate course in Sociology long after I completed college. Probably the “ethics” of research and surveys etc. had been considered long before that, but it hadn’t reached my conscious mind.

Of course, it appears like many of the “ethics” courses popular in business schools for some time really just taught some business persons how to be unethical.

As I mentioned before, there will always be someone who uses even a good thing for evil.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, August 29, 2017.

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