2017 Summer August 30 Wednesday

2017 Summer August 30 Wednesday

67 degrees this morning, walk 35:39 minutes

Surprisingly, 67 degrees (64 degrees now) is relatively comfortable. The walk was very pleasant and it is even nice enough to sit on the patio as I write this. Of course, there is no wind which could make a big difference.

Pace was 16 seconds slower than my goal. I deem to fail about within approximately 20 seconds either way of my goal.

I am still debating changing my goal. If I make it 30 seconds faster, it is still achievable. The key is whether changing my goal will actually make me walk faster. It’s not like I will start obsessing about meeting my goal, but I wonder if psychologically it will change my walking pace

Only one way to find out and that is to adjust my goal!

Many years ago, I read a book (or actually a number of articles and several books) about “positive self talk”. I found it really does work, at last the for the part of yourself that you have the power to change.

Generally, it is just a matter of positive thoughts about what you can accomplish or setting up a successful positive thought. Doesn’t always “work” but i find it is a very good process for setting up a positive system of thoughts.

I have used it for a number of projects or activities with a generally positive results.

I read an article about “mantra’s”, which made me think of positive self talk since I have consciously practiced it much lately, although it is part of my basic thinking. For example, I never think “I’m going to have a bad day”, although I may think “what a great day”

I was going to prepare something for Toastmasters and I quickly realized there was a huge difference between a “mantra” and “positive self-talk”, so I scrapped that part of the project! Not that one is better than the other concept, they are just completely difference, completely separate concepts.

I can think of several areas where I can start using “positive self” and I will start doing so.

Of course, it only works for areas you control yourself, you can’t “will” a stock to go up etc. I know, I have tried and it really’ make bit of difference!

Aliene and I are listening to a book which definitely points out the feeling of “my life will never be the same again”. (I call it “The World Without End is Ending”)
I won’t go into the novel, which gradually grabs your attention, except to say that it reminded me again that life is a series of changes and also the “Art of self-deception” is a real problem!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, 8-30-17.

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