2017 Summer September 1 Friday

2017 Summer September 1 Friday

69 degrees this morning, walk 36:27 minutes

Cooler weather again, humidity around 84%.

Maybe this is the normal temperature this time of year and it is just when the weather starts turning to winter. Seems a little early, but I am going to check on the averages for September in this area.

While I could tell my pace was slow, I was surprised to find my pace was 56 seconds slower than my goal. A new record the other way! I doubt that is a record for a slow pace, but it is slow. So much for reducing my goal pace right now, I may have to go the other way to increase it!

2017 is 75% complete. It is hard to believe that the year has gone so fast, but I believe it is better to not worry about it and concentrate on living it!

That reminds of another aspect of “positive self talk”. One part is the “living in the present” part of realizing you can only deal with “today” and some things you have to deal with “tomorrow”, but you can’t set the burden of “tomorrows” affect your “todays”.

I think part of the problem with changing behavior is that you start looking to the future and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Best to take chasing behavior in small steps, when possible. Lots of times I see where I can handle the small “next step”, but I would probably just quit in frustration if I tried to do it all at once.

Another dream, doesn’t make any sense, but I am trying to keep track of them.

Dream 8-31-17

Dreamed I was at a “Resort” but on work training, apparently a “state” resort.

We were taken in and told to make our own name budges but I kept losing my material and never did find a magic marker etc.

The whole dream I kept looking for the material and trying to keep track of it.

We were also told to do something with our cell hones, not sure what. I realized towards the end of the dream I had lost my cell phones, when my timer singled the end of the dram.

It was a very realistic dream, and very frustrating.

In one case I went from room to room and was escorted out by a guard after I went out the wrong door. over fancy western boots “for sale”, but mixed in with toys for sale also. They were all in piles.

I never did find the badge making materials or find the meeting room I was supposed to be at.

That’s it for now, Friday, September l, 2017


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