2017 Summer September 2 Saturday

2017 Summer September 2 Saturday

75 degrees, walk 35:09 minutes

Light rain this morning during walk. When I looked at the weather I almost didn’t walk since it looked like a storm was coming in. However I was able to walk in a light rain, the heavier rain and lightning started right as I finished.

The weather app isn’t the most accurate in the world, so I have to take even the radar weather with a grain of salt. Still a lot better than nothing, it is still amazing what they can do compared to the past.

It is raining now, too hard to walk in if it I was walking now.

I planned on changing my walking shoes (the pair of shoes I am walking in each morning now have reached their recommended maximum usage) today, since it is the start of the quarter, but I didn’t want to take a chance on my brand new walking shoes getting wet or muddy!

Pace was 15 seconds below (slower than) my goal, rather disappointing although a lot better than yesterday. I had expected better since I was stepping lively due to the rain.

Today (September 2) makes my 3 years starting on my present job. 3 years ago, I started my first day.

One good thing, looking back, if I had it to do over again, I would have taken the job, which is good.

September 2 also marks 3 years and 2 months since we moved to this area.

As I mentioned before, sometimes it seems like a short time, sometimes it seems like forever.

I heard an explanation of “air brakes”, and it finally makes sense why air breaks work and why they are good for trains and heavier trucks etc.

The “Great Course” mentions electricity was as important to the 20th Century as the steam engine was in earlier centuries.

One interesting episode is hearing about the competition between “alternating current” (Westinghouse) and “Direct current” (Edison). Tesla was also an important factor in alternating current.

Edison went so far as to try to have the first persons electrocuted in the electric chair to be worked that the person was “westinghoused” to provide the overall impression alternating current was dangerous. Of course, alternating current won out.

That’s it for now, Saturday, September 2, 2017


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