2017 Summer September 4 Monday

2017 Summer September 4 Monday

Labor Day Holiday

72 degrees this morning, Walk 35:02 minutes

Relatively pleasant morning, humidity is 78 %

Started a new pair of walking shoes this morning (I only wear my “walking shoes” for walking, not for anything else).

As soon as I started I realize I had followed my usual pattern of try to extent the life of the shoes too long. There was a big difference I noted both in the comfort of my feet and how I felt at the end of the walk.

Probably walked about 50-75 miles to long on my previous shoes. Not a lot of distance until you consider the life span (for exercise) of even the best shoe is around 350 miles, although I expect there are some that are rated for 500 miles. I will eventually go 500 miles or more in them, since I keep them for casual, everyday wear as well as some work activities.

Pace was 6 seconds slower than my goal so I guess the shoes might not have a lot to do with my walking pace.

My experience has been for the wear and tear of a steady continuous walk, it is best to retire the shoes early.

I have been having the same problem retiring t-shirts for my “t-shirt quilt”. There are some that have to be in the quilt to tell part of the story, but I still want to wear them occasionally! I think I need to look at it as an opportunity to transition on to new t-shirts, now i feel like I can buy or accept a new one without worrying about where I am going to put it or how in the world I will ever wear it.

However, my biggest problem is that I have some t-shirts I’m not ready to quit wearing, but the t-shirt quilt won’t tell the story, unless I change the story. Noting to say that over time I won’t have two t-shirt quilts, each telling their own story.

Looking forward to my Holiday. No matter what I do it is still a Holiday!

This dream stuck with me most of the day, so I decided to write it down. It really seemed real when I woke up.

9-2-17 Sunday dream

Dreamed either lived or worked in a small apartment in the middle of a bunch of apartments, built up on a hill.

It seemed like I learned more about the apartment, the more I realized there were other apartments. The pattern of the apartments seemed to change throughout the dreqm. .

The apartments were on a high bluff, although I never saw beyond the grounds the apartment was on.

I was sitting on the steps and it was like a car (an SUV) came in and parked, it seemed to shift since there hadn’t been a parking space there before.

My “neighbor” walked up the stairs and talked with me. I went to my apartment and advised him I was working out of my apartment so I couldn’t talk.

Woke up feeling a sense of dread, glad it was only a dream when I realized it wasn’t real.

That’s it for now, Monday September 4, 2017


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