2017 Summer September 5 Tuesday

2017 Summer September 5 Tuesday

73 degrees this morning, no walk

Supposed to get down to 54 degrees today (probably tonight), winter is coming!

Labor Day weekend is over, it was nice to have a three day weekend! Got some things done, and overall enjoyed the weekend.

It was on a Labor Day about ten years ago (maybe exactly 10 years ago), I fell on my bike. It is actually the only time (as an adult) that I feel on my bike. While nothing was really hurt, I was surprised at the number of “road rash” scrapes I had and how much they bled!

As frequently happens, at the time I feel I was going very slow and probably fell due to a wet manhole cover. Means you have to be observant at all times!

Looking froward to the Apple announcement on the iPhone 8 and other Apple products. It is kind of fun to read all of the forecasts and then see what actually happens.

Frequently, the hype is more than the reality, which leads to some disappointment some times.

Also time for the football hype. While I like to watch a few college football teams, I really can’t believe all of the hype and stories about pro football as well as college football.

Probably pro football is one of the most subsidized sports franchise around with all of the free publicly they get on news media. I realize they are probably just giving people what they want, but it is a huge subsidy to pro football.

I do save a lot of time by not looking at the sports section, especially where it is full of pro basketball news in the summer. (Another sport I never watch.)

iI actually do watch the pro football playoffs if I have time, but the regular season games are boring.

Why I don’t like pro basketball and pro football, but like pro baseball is beyond me. Just the way it worked out somehow. What is really strange is I do like college basketball and football (if if have some relationship or liking for the team or school), I don’t watch college baseball.

Another thing about news media is the amount of time spent on “stars”, and similar non-news type items.

I don’t have a problem with news stories about “stars”, tv shoes etc. in the appropriate places, but I hardly think a tv show or a “star” or sports event belongs on the “news” portion of a news paper or show. One good thing about newspapers is you can skip over anything you don’t want to tread and internet news is easy to skip over “news” you don’t want to read.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, September 5, 2017.


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