2017 Summer September 8 Friday

2017 Summer September 8 Friday

64 degrees this morning, walk 35:38 minutes

Coolish this morning (right at the edge), dressed warm.

What I miss most about the mornings this cool is sitting on the patio in the early morning. Just a little too cool, although it would be nice after the sun comes up.

Pace was 30 seconds slower than my goal. Looking at why my pace has slowed. I know it isn’t related to heat or humidity, not at least directly.

The number of natural disasters now is rather disturbing, intense hurricanes and now, this morning, a strong earthquake in Mexico.

Somehow there seem to be more natural disasters, along with our ability to more accurately predict weather. I still recall several years ago when literally hundreds of thousands of people were killed in a tsunami. It had an air of disbelief to it.

The Equifax breach of data (credit card numbers etc.) is really scary. The thought that a company maintaining sensitive information on me without my approval, maintained insufficient protection of the data is just unacceptable.

It is bad enough when a credit card company has it happen, but a company that maintains all the date without your approval should do a lot better.

I have to admit, I have never liked the credit reporting companies anyway. They have the audacity to try to say they can predict your repayment habits and make judgements about your credit report, without your approval and now can’t even protect the information!

More than than, they won’t correct incorrect information and continue to issue judgements based on incorrect data.

Fortunately I have never had any major problems with credit reporting agencies, but trying to get the “free” yearly credit report is almost impossible and really turned me against them. They basically used the requirement as sales jobs for costly unneeded “credit monitoring” programs.

This could be almost as much of a disaster as the “natural” disasters, perhaps in a different way but just as costly.

Started part of my “new” area yesterday. I”ll like the new area and miss the old. Since I work with the various areas 40 hours per week in one way or another, it has a major impact on my life.

Friday, thank goodness, looking forward to the weekend.

That’s it for now, Friday, September 8, 2017.


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