2017 Summer September 10 2017 Sunday

2017 Summer September 10 2017 Sunday

66 degrees this morning, Walk 34:38 minutes

Cooler weather is probably here to stay so I may as well get used to it. Haven’t tried to sit on the patio in cooler weather (at least before the sun comes up). Humidity is 76%

Pace was 4 seconds slower than my goal, much better than the last several days, but still not going the way I want to go! (Faster rather than slower.)

Recently noted that both the places I lived most of my college life have been torn down. At Wichita State University, I recently visited the campus and the apartment complex/dorm I lived in was gone.

Actually it was a former “athletic dorm” or had been built for that and never used as such, I don’t really recall. It was set up with living quarters on either side and sharing the kitchen and bathroom. It had a nice swimming pool etc.

One memory I have of it is when I dumped some rotten chicken down the trash chute and it stunk for a week at least. They put up signs warning not to put spoiled chicken down the trash chute! (Of course I had no idea that would happen, I just assumed once it went down the trash chute “out of sight out of mind”.

This is the first time I have ever admitted it was me that did it. Since it happened years ago, I assume the statute of limitations has expired!

It had a wonderful golf course next to it that I frequently went out and walked at night. (I never played golf there, I didn’t have the money for stuff like that!)

I recently read where the dorm I lived in a Fort Hays University was being demolished, which made me think of it and also realize how time has passed, since it was the “new” dorm when I was in college.

Had a “meal” at Starbucks yesterday which reminded me that Starbucks is not always the best place to eat. I had the “protein meal” as kind of a mid-day snack rather than lunch. The hard boiled eggs were old, the apple was old etc. Never again.

One of those times I should have politely asked for the Manager and pointed out that the meal had long outworn it’s welcome. Of course, this is “our” regular Starbucks, so it would be like complaining about a meal in the home of a friend.

Raises a good question, do I follow my own mantra “If things are great that is good, if something is wrong I need to know it”, or politely keep quiet?

In cases like this, I always carefully say I don’t want my money back, I don’t want anything, I just want to discreetly advise you the the meal was unacceptable and I think you should know it.

Somehow, it never works that way. Feelings are hurt, offers of a free meal etc. are made and refused and pushed on me anyway etc.

Part of the problem is businesses don’t REALLY want to know what is wrong when they sent out surveys, they are hoping of reinforcement of positive feelings. I always try to say when I get good service (and this Starbucks is extra nice, the staff is really nice helpful etc.) Frankly, they are also overworked, I don’t see how they stand it, so I hate to complain, but if I was the Manager, I think I would want to hear about the old meal.

We’ll see.

That’s it for now, Sunday, September 10, 2017.


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