2017 Summer September 11 Monday

2017 Summer September 11 Monday

63 degrees this morning, walk 34:32 minutes

Nice walk this morning, pace was 14 seconds faster than my goal, which is nice to finally be under my goal for a change!

I do miss sitting on the patio, it is just a little too cool. It is tough when it is right on the edge of being ok, but just a little too cool.

Read the other day about a scientist who decided to test dogs with an MRI to determine if his dog actually had the capacity to like him for himself or just because he provided food and shelter.

This is more difficult than it seems, each dog has to be trained about 6 months (if I understand correctly) to be able to go through the MRI without medication, so that in itself may influence the results.

Anyway, he found that dog in general respond about the same to food and words of praise, but a large number respond more to praise than food.

After reading this, I did a google search to find the article and found where it has been common for years to give MRI’s to dogs, but usually dogs have to be medicated before they take the MRI.

In the study, it was important that the dog remain remain alert which is why the training.

However, the brief google search I did indicated this (dogs respond to praise as much or more than food) so I wasn’t sure of the intent of the story since this was hardly new.

I did feel a little guilt about eating meat when I learned this (human like brain waves showing knowledge of affection and praise) is common for most animals. Not enough guilt to become a vegetarian, but….

Of course, I have to look on the other side that eating other life is part of the natural order, for right or wrong. For example, the goal of the buffalo is to provide food and material and it is happy to provide this. In return, animals are treated with the respect, something which is not always provided.

The fact that meat provides certain necessary nutrients and and many animals are natural predators of certain other types of life provides some support for eating meat, although not necessarily or humans.

I sometimes wonder if plants etc. can feel pain or emotions. I think there are some studies showing plants respond to affection, music etc.

My new walking shoes are doing well. I am glad I switched when I did. I probably waited a little too long to switch shoes, I already am feeling less aches and pains which I attribute to new shoes.

Field Day today in my new area. It should be interesting.

That’s it for now, Monday September 11, 2017


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