2017 Summer September 12 Tuesday

2017 Summer September 12 Tuesday

65 degrees this morning, walk 35:15 minutes.

Walk this morning was good, temperature was cool, but not bad. Pace was 18 seconds slower than goal, still trying to figure out why my pace is getting slower. Usually it is slower in cold weather, but only in much colder weather than it is now when I have to “bundle up”.

Checked on the end of Summer (or the start of Fall, depending on how you look at it), it is 4:02 p.m., September 22.

Fall already, that is difficult to believe.

Meanwhile, I tend to measure time in the progress of long term projects.

Scanning of our pictures is actually progressing well, a matter of “one (photo) book at a time!”!, or maybe one picture at at time. Definitely patience plays a role in the success o this project!!

I have been slowly taking pictures of each of my “Hot Wheels”. So far, what has slowed me down is actually taking the pictures. It is difficult to take a really good picture of each car.

I keep telling myself that the goal is to take reasonable good pictures of each car to document them. So far I have made a small dent in the “loose” cars and when I start on the ones that are still in the original carton, I can document more fully what they are etc.

Again I get into the matter of what the actual is. It really isn’t to take flawless pictures of each car.

Associated with that is the continual project of getting rid of “stuff” we don’t need or want anymore!

Apple “event” where the new iPhones, possibly new swatch will be presented. It will be interesting to see if all of the “leaks” are correct or not!

Switching gears a little in my listening on my walk. I am currently listening to Ben Bermanke.

The title of his book is “Courage to Act” , an interesting title. The “Courage to Act” also entails the thought that you have to have the “Courage to not Act” and aren’t taking action just because you can’t stand the status quo.

It has been an interesting book so far, although he is just basically reviewing his early life. It was interesting watching his professional developing and how his career developed to the point it did.

That’s it for now Tuesday, September 12, 2017.


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