2017 Summer September 13 Wednesday

2017 Summer September 13 Wednesday

57 degrees this morning, no walk.

Coolest morning of the season this morning. Didn’t walk due to my schedule but it isn’t that bad. In a few months that will seem warm.

Also am on a special assignment Thursday and Friday where I walk a lot, so probably won’t walk Thursday or Friday (assuming the schedule remains the same). Last year I walked over 12 miles on this assignment which is a lot more than my daily walk!

Briefly reviewed a newsletter I get sent every few months. It is always interesting to read, and he brings up some points that at least need to be considered, whether I agree or not.

One continuous them is cybersecurity, and I think the events each month emphasize that this is an important consideration.

The recent hacking of the credit reporting company was scary from a financial viewpoint. Probably even more scary is the “I don’t care” attitude they continue to express to their “customers” whose data they already use without permission for their own profit and to the determinant of their “customers”.

It is bad enough that they collect all the data on people, and make it almost impossible to correct and then they can’t even keep it secure, and when they do get hacked they don’t really take any actions on it other than surface. Probably will try to make a profit off it by “selling” more “protection” over the long run.

Hopefully class action lawsuits will get their attention

What is really scary is to think that the present incompetents and idiots in federal office are “relaxing” regulations that will allow further abuses and financial scams like this without any real consideration that there are “good” regulations.

The Newsletter also points out the continuing deterioration in ethics, especially with a lying bully coward as “president” will continue a rapid deterioration in ethics and criminal behavior due to the “example” of the lying bully coward and his incompetent appointees.

I really have to wonder about ‘President Bannon”. Talk about a freak show, someone who looks like they climbed out of a sewer (and apparently did, or more likely the sewer sludge). I think he will fail from an over-exaggerated opinion of himself.

The Newsletter also continues to point out that we are almost entirely dependent on other areas and the distribution system in the event of a natural disaster or terrorism, etc.
Unfortunately he is correct on this, as even brief outages, or even an overall long term electrical outage could create shortages etc.

I don’t know the answer to all this, but I think it is important to be aware of what could happen and be somewhat prepared for it.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, September 13, 2017.


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