2017 Summer September 14 Thursday

2017 Summer September 14 Thursday

65 degrees this morning, no walk

No walk today, scheduled for an assignment where I will walk plenty! A little change is probably good, although I really miss my morning walk, especially when it is more than one day.

A break is always nice, but my morning walk has become so much of a ritual that when I don’t do it for one day or so, I begin missing it.

I am becoming very worried about the continual attacks on free speech. When a person can’t (in my opinion truthfully) criticize the president (especially an embarrassing delusional incompetent one like we have now) without an attack by the Press Secretary, who is incompetent anyway and simply a liar for the lying bully, there is something really wrong. The Presidents press secretary saying someone should be “fired”. That is sickI

I realize that persons need to realize you may have the right of free speech, but free speech doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences, the thought of a government official, even a grossly incompetent one, saying someone should be “fired” for rightly criticizing the President is grossly wrong.

What is weird is the lying bully coward issues vicious, vile, lying personal attacks on persons all the time and the same incompetent person defends him!

Enough of that, but I think the current administration is doing everything possible to destroy our basic right of free speech.

I was recent stunned to read a news story that “Sheriff’s and Police Officers don’t know whether to obey the law or the President”!

REALLY????? This is BS to the highest degree! Is this some kind of dictatorship where some delusional lying racist bully coward can instruct a locally elected Sheriff to break the law/???? I hardly think so and I was stunned that such a story would even be printed.

What are we coming to when it is stated that the president can instruct police to break the law is actually seriously printed? Sounds a lot like Nazi Germany or Russia!

We are definitely a nation of laws, not some delusional racist coward bully who can instruct anyone to break the law or (hopefully) that is not exempt from the law.

He is already grossly breaking the law by “marketing” the office of President to tout his resorts, hotels and even his wineries etc.

I guess this post today has become somewhat of a rant, but I think “Resist” has become much more than a slogan.

The current administration, and especially some of the incompetent appointed officials, are alarming to say the least with their secrecy, attacks on news media as well as personal attacks and their complete disregard for the law. Scary.

That’s it for today, Thursday, September 14, 2017.


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