2017 Summer September 15 Friday

2017 Summer September 15 Friday

75 degrees this morning. No walk.

Perfect morning for a walk, but due to schedule, can’t walk this morning. Hopefully this means there will be a few more mornings with mid-high 70’s etc. and I can also sit on the patio again.

Summer and time are fleeting as they say, or at least it sounds good.

I wanted to expand on yesterday to emphasize that I believe free speech is important on all sides, all viewpoints. I especially don’t like people who attempt to “drown” out someone else, regardless of their views.

Certainly some vile sewer rat like “president Bannon” shows how stupid and obscene his opinions if he is able to express them and someone is able to demonstrate how low life he really is.

Another day on a special assignment where I will walk a lot, which is another reason I didn’t walk this morning. I will walk significantly more than I normally walk.

Still trying to decide on the morning papers. I am totally disgusted with the extreme views of the daily newspaper. I try not to look at the editorial page, but occasionally a headline catches my attention and I have to wonder how they can live with themselves and how someone with such a view of life can actually own a newspaper and have such a negative view of people that they have no empathy whatsoever. They must be looking at it as strictly a means to make money, not for any community benefit.

I wonder why people who are lucky enough to inherit or make tremendous sums of money suddenly decide they can tell everyone else what to think and do and think. Of course the main goal is to keep what they have and make more, for whatever reason. Of course a lot of people without vast sums of money try to do the same thing.

Seven days until the Summer of 17 ends. Overall, it has been a good summer. It actually isn’t bad for the next couple of months and then the long Winter begins.

One of the main problems is that even after the Winter ends, it takes so long for warm weather to actually arrive.

Normally it is at least late May before warm weather arrives “permanently” which is about 8 months away! Of course there are many warm days interspersed.

Working on the special assignment is always interesting, another view of some of the lifestyles that people live. Nothing against any of them, I think it is great that people have a lot of alternatives in how they live and make their living.

One thing about Fall is that soon we can stop wasting money and water on watering the grass and keeping something alive that doesn’t naturally occur! I wish we could figure out a way to have indigenous plants that don’t need water!

That’s it for now, Friday, September 15, 2017.


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