2017 Summer September 18 Monday

2017 Summer September 18 Monday

70 degrees this morning, rain, no walk.

Rain to his morning and yesterday. When I was in grade or high school I had a teacher who mentioned it always rained on the equinox (when Fall starts). Over the years I have noted when this isn’t so, and it really probably has been dry more than it has rained. I’ll need to research this some!

Start of another work week. Sometimes I wonder what it will be like to be “retired”. I hope I will always be doing something, or rather I will always be doing something, even if it isn’t full-time work.

As long as I enjoy the work and am able to physically handle it, I intend to keep on working, although at some point I’m sure I will want to make time for additional personal goals and activities.

I assume at some point my desire to complete some personal projects may outweigh my desire to keep on working.

Sometimes on weekends and even evenings, I wonder about using my time more productively, but I also have the excuse I am already working full-time.

I really don’t know where the time went from when I used to work a lot more hours than I do now. I easily worked 2 or 3 evenings a week and usually another 6-8 hours on weekends.

I see several possibilities, one of course was that my time was more flexible doing the day, although that was more of a perception than a reality, since so much of the work involved having to be there during the day.

Another possible reason is that my expectations are raised. I know I work 40 hours per week generally, and I may expect to get more done than I do just because of the extra “off” hours.

Another dream I noted.

9-17-17 Dream

Highly active dream, dreamed I was in one of our cars (the one I normally don’t drive) and I was giving an assignment or something.

As I was driving I suddenly become confused and stopped (in the road) and opened a car window. I saw a man coming out to the street, not a threat.

Started driving again when I realized I was stopped in the street. The car coming turned.

I went into a park area.

I was looking through my bag for something when the man I had seen outside came in, obviously the Part attendant or something.

(Not sure what building I was in). He asked if I needed anything and I just told him I had stopped to look for something.

The man looked at a memo obviously written by a Supervisor and was laughing about the use the word “befreaked”. and the memo in general.

I started laughing uncontrollably also. He left with his helper and then I woke up.

That’s it for now, Monday, September 18, 2017


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