2017 Summer September 20 Wednesday

2017 Summer September 20 Wednesday

76 degrees this morning, walk 34:48 minutes

Good weather for walk this morning. Actually my watch said it was 79 degrees, so apparently my iPhone app and watch app are using different thermometers! Humidity was 61%.

As with past mornings, there is a slight breeze that is cooling this time of day. Sitting on the patio. Every day I sit on the patio now, I hope it is not the last before late next Spring!

Pace was 8 seconds slower than my goal this morning.

Somehow I seem to be walking at my goal pace, within 15 seconds either way. I am going to have to change my goal to see if that really encourages me to walk faster to meet my new goal! I don’t actually think about how fast I am going while I am walking.

The new iWatch IOS, I believe, not just the new watch, is going to have a lot more capabilities to measure your heartbeat etc and hopefully provide early warning of any problems.

The new iWatch is interesting, but I am happy with what I have, and probably will be for several more years.

I recently read that most smartphone, tablet etc. batteries etc. are expected to start wearing out at about 18 months. I have Apple devices that are ten years old that the battery is still going strong. The only apple device I had a problem with the battery was when the battery swelled in my iPhone 5 (and I got a brand new phone for $79 so I’m not complaining) and I think it may have sat in the car and got hot, but, who knows.

The iPhone 5 is currently the lowest ranking iPhone we use on a regular basis (for playing audio books etc.). I still use the original iPad on a regular basis, although of course it is very limited. (It has some programs the kids enjoy that still works fine).

I read that the next IOS upgrade will leave out the iPhone 5, which is too bad, I liked the iPhone 5 and 5 S. Of course it will be several years before it affects our iPhone 5 since the audible app is much slower to change.

I didn’t realize how fast apps etc. adjust and upgrade until several years ago, I was using the original iPad for audible books. I started having some problems that the representative I talked with basically said the app I was using (the latest I could get on the original iPad) was basically obsolete by several generations and he was surprised it worked at all.

The iPhone X sounds interesting, although I doubt that I will upgrade for awhile. One problem is, I don’t like breaking in a new phone, changing all of the information to it etc. Although the iCloud etc. have made it much simpler, it still is a major endeavor to change to a new one. One of the biggest problems is transferring over my personalized ringtones, although hopefully I can work something out on it.

Getting used to my new area on the job, not necessarily better or worse, just different.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, September 20, 2017.


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