2017 Summer September 21 Thursday

2017 Summer September 21 Thursday

80 degrees this morning walk 34:52 minutes

80 degrees this morning, 81 by my watch. While it didn’t feel like it was 80 degrees necessarily, it didn’t feel cool either, although there is that early morning/late summer coolness in the air. Humidity is 71%.

Accidentally used the “outdoor cycle” mode on the watch, so don’t have a “pace” time this morning.

Last full day of Summer of 17, Fall starts at 4:05 p.m., September 22.

Sitting out on patio this morning, enjoying the days of Summer while I can.

Read a news story yesterday, the writer mentions her mother over the years had received several wonderful nightgowns etc. that she always exclaimed were “too good to wear”. They found all the nightgowns in their original packages, never worn.

The intent of the article was to emphasize that “life is short” and you should not continue to always save for the future etc.

I think a way of putting it may be to live for today while taking necessary actions so you can live for today tomorrow also. Or something like that.

I will need to reread the article, I think the author also has a blog site.

I can look at myself for tendencies to squirrel away things that I’ll wear or use “at the right time” (always in the future!). I have gotten away from it a lot, but I still find things I got 30 years ago that I haven’t used, saving it for the “right time”.

Of course, I think of the classic example as the sofa with plastic over it (as a neighbor had when I was a kid). It might be a great looking sofa after 20 years but no one ever enjoyed it and the owner never got to enjoy seeing their beautiful sofa without the plastic on it!

I think I have decided (with some exceptions) that the “right time” is now or I am giving it away or donating it!

Perhaps the rapid obsolesce of computers and computer gadgets, smart phones etc. has helped this problem. If you don’t use them “today”, they won’t work “tomorrow” and you won’t have any use from them!

While it is more difficult to categorize, money is also one of those things that it is easy to say “next year” we will take that vacation, but that furniture etc., but never “this year”.
Obviously there is a reason for saving money, but, again, there is a happy point where you also need to live and experience life. The problem is finding that happy point.

One of the guidelines i heard years ago from someone was they they were putting a certain amount away for retirement, they they spent the rest on enjoying their daily life. I kind of picked up on that, although again it is difficult to know “how much” is enough!

That’s it for now, Thursday, September 21, 2017.


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