2017 Summer September 22 Friday

2017 Summer September 22 Friday

77 degrees this morning, walk 34:41 minutes

Overall excellent morning, excellent walking conditions this morning. In spite of the temperature there is the hint of coolness in the night air.

Pace this morning was 8 seconds below (faster than) my goal, which is good. I guess my “goal” my be correct, although I feel my goal should be at least a minute faster than it is. As I have mentioned before, maybe the goal predetermines my performance.

I may will change my goal just to see how it subconsciously affects my walking pace, or if it doesn’t affect it at all. Of course, if it is a goal I realistically don’t expect to attain, it probably doesn’t really matter. As they say, I have to believe in myself that I can reach the goal.

I have to assume if I set a faster goal and realistically feel I can walk that fast, and I picture myself walking that fast, I will eventually meet the new goal and establish a new level of performance.

On the other hand, if I set a new goal and don’t even really improve my pace, all it means is my present goal is correct. Also, does it really matter what my pace is, at least if it is a minute faster or not?

I grew up on the concept that “you never quit” that you can literally do anything possible if you put your mind to it and don’t quit.

It was a shock at first to meet people who I thought quit too fast etc.

However, as experience taught me, sometimes it is best to realize the goal or project may not be in your best interest and it may be reasonable to quit, especially it not quitting is causing harm to yourself or others.

As I age, I also realize the truth of limited resources (especially time) and it is best to use your resources wisely and spinning your wheels on a unreachable goal is simply not a good use of limited resources.

I think you get back to making good decisions and realizing when you have made a wrong decision, even if it is a major bad decision like the wrong house, car etc.

Common sense comes into play on how you resolve the consequences of a bad decision. As they say, good decisions come from “experience” and “experience” comes from bad decisions!

One thing I really like about this blog is I really don’t know where I am going with it each morning.

I had no intention of writing about this subject(s), vaguely I was going to write about something else entirely different, although I never know for sure what I am going to write about.

One thing I knew I was going to note (although I thought I was going to do it at the first) is that today is the last day of Summer of 2017. Tomorrow I will be be writing “Fall” (unless I am in denial and continue to write “Summer” just hoping that if I say it, it will be true!)

Also, one day soon will be the last day I spend on the patio until next Spring, but at least I am on it today!

That’s it for now, Friday, September 22, 2017.


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