2017 Fall September 24 Sunday

2017 Fall September 24 Sunday

76 degrees this morning, walk 35:11 minutes.

Expecting cooler air, so the 76 degree temperature was welcome. Sitting on the patio with a cooling breeze that makes it seem much cooler than I would expect 76 degrees to be.

Overall walk was good. Pace was 4 seconds slower than my goal, and I basically count that as meeting my goal, such as it is.

Still debating lowering my goal, especially before I have to dress heavier for color weather which slows me down some. I am hoping that lowering my goal will psychologically make me walk faster.

However, as I have discussed before, perhaps this pace is the best pace for me and if I change my goal, it may just be frustrating!

It is interesting to observe my “beats per minute” on my heart rate and I understand the new IOS will have dramatically improved information on you heart beat, both under activity and standing still.

The only problem with that is I need to be somewhat informed on what the information I get means. For example, I really have only a vague idea of the beats per minute impact. I vaguely know (when you exercise) it’s not supposed to be too high, but also not so low you don’t get some benefit from it!

Weekend whizzes by. Already Sunday morning and I feel like the weekend has just started! Enjoyable day Saturday and looking forward to Sunday!

Noted a tree “turning” already yesterday and suddenly realized that October was really almost here! They may have been early turning trees or whatever, but it won’t be long and leaves will be falling.

Several activities planned for October. I am always somewhat bemused by the way I look forward to an event, then the event is suddenly here, and in a flash it is over.

Kind of like having “new car fever” or “new house fever” , after you buy the car, you wondered how you had so much time to analyze, study and look for cars!

I always have disliked the assumption of salespersons that you will buy a car (or a house) without harding really driving it. Something I will use for 7 years or so, I want to spend more time actually driving it and learning about it! 7 years is a long time to regret a hasty decision!

I have always tried to use the “3 day rule”, that I won’t buy anything major for three days after I first look at it (perhaps unless I can return it!). I don’t always follow it and when I don’t I normally regret it!

Hopefully today own’t be my last day on the patio, it is very pleasant here this morning as I look froward to Sunday!

That’s it for now, Sunday, September 24, 2017.


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